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The images and the entire text used on this and all other USMBOOKS web pages are the copyrighted property of USM Inc.  Those images and the text may be used by others ONLY AFTER completion of a formal international licensing agreement and payment of a licensing fee! It is therefore, illegal for anyone to take any of the material found on and use it for their own purposes without our written permission, irrespective of any excuse they may feel they have for doing so.
USMBOOKS Original Third Reich Ephemera
1937 Nazi Party Days ticket
A genuine UNUSED ticket from the 1937 Nazi Party Days (Parteitag der Arbeit) for the Nazi Armed Forces Demonstration on Monday 13 September 1937 at the Zeppelinwiese.
Vote YES for Hitler
Miscellaneous items of original Third Reich election ephemera.
VDA prints Himmler, Hitler, Goering, Hess
A large assortment of  original VDA (National League for the Promotion of Germanism Abroad) color prints of Nazi personalities many of them featuring art by Wolf Willrich.
ROMMEL 1944 death announcement
Replica reprints of both the cards given out at the funeral of Nazi Field Marshal
Rommel and the cards mailed to those who had sent their condolences
to the family of the late General in October 1944
DAF Trade School Hamburg
A Third Reich promotional booklet for technical school classes offered by the DAF in Hamburg, practical education for future businessmen specializing in foreign trade and marketing - with original perforated sign-up form!
Muttertag 1944 in Grossdeutschland
A beautifully decorated oversized six-panel 1944 Mother's Day 'card' with patriotic
wishes from Adolf Hitler to mothers of Wehrmacht soldiers who died for the Fatherland.
SS accident prevention poster
An original safety announcement color poster issued by the Reichsführer-SS and Chief
of German Police Himmler and the special department of the NSV focussed on accident
and damage prevention, industrial hygiene, control of epidemics, pest control, etc.
Goering speech ticket
A variety of genuine Third Reich tickets for a speech by Hermann Göring, KdF day trips,
a Berlin WHW charity rally attended by Hitler, train travel and museums.
Nazi wine advertising 1933 and 1939
TWO beautiful pieces of fold-out direct mail German wine advertising in
full-color from two different wine companies in Koblenz, dated 1933 and 1939.
Wellner Katalog 1936
Very rare bound Original-Wellner Catalog and separately bound
Original-Wellner Price List - complete, heavily illustrated, 100% genuine.
A Kriegsurlaubschein or a "War Holiday Form" / railway ticket, issued on 19 September
1940 to Wehrmacht Officer Hauptmann Prochaska by Einheit Feldpost Nr. 19925.
Wenz silverware catalog
An original heavily illustrated Third Reich silverware mail order catalog
from the Friedrich Wenz company of Pforzheim, complete with pricelist.
A rare 1939 reference letter for a woman who had worked in a Nazi mother and infant home run by the NSV and a 1942 National Socialist People's Welfare letter to a kindergarten teacher.
Parole der Woche, rare anti-Jewish, anti-British, anti-American, anti-French,
pro-German mini propaganda posters - over 10 lots to choose from!
1941 issues of GERMANY CALLING
Two rare original 1941 issues of GERMANY CALLING, the English language Nazi Radio Program for the USA published by the German Library of Information in New York City.
Nazi opera tickets Berlin
Original tickets from opera performances in Berlin between 1936 - 1943 in the Deutsches Opernhaus, Staatsoper Unter Den Linden and the Berlin Staatsoper am Königsplatz.
Guido Goroll
Fascinating historical material of Berlin actor Guido Goroll who entertained combat
troops in Eastern Europe (KdF Truppenbetreuung) and ended up at the
restricted Wehrmacht compound at Zossen in 1945.
A rare original full sheet of 50 KdF Reise-Sparmarken or Strength Through Joy travel
savings stamps AND Gaudienststelle Berlin KdF forms for future travelers
Eberhard Faber
Rare color illustrated Eberhard Faber brochure for map marking pencils, crayons, erasers, leather pencil cases, etc. manufactured especially for the German Wehrmacht.
A 6-piece grouping of original Nazi paperwork related to the Reichsberufswettkampf 1938, specifically the "Bank and Insurance Group" Berlin competition - for Aryan Germans only!
3. Reich Gasmaske
Absolutely original illustrated Gebrauchsanweisung or instruction manual for the
Deutsche Volksgasmaske VM 37,
the German People's Gas Mask VM 37.
A rare WW2 ephemera lot of a Nazi Unteroffizier captured by the American Army
in 1944 and who became a POW in the USA and England until 1946.
Two original historic 1944 receipts for gas payments in Reichshauptstadt Berlin.
Nazi legal summons, 1941 cigarette ration card, charity donation receipts,
Jewish ghetto receipt, Völkischer Beobachter voucher, etc. Page 1 - Page2 - Page 3
IG Farben
Rare May 1938 letter from the Press Department of IG Farbenindustrie
announcing their new company book Erzeugnisse unsere Arbeit.
IG Farben
Absolutely original Third Reich advertising by IG Farben for their Locron H and
Intravan N fire retardant chemicals, endorsed by the Reichsluftschutzbund!
Adolf Hitler
Early / mid 1930s Franz Hanfstaengl Munich catalog of prints of Hitler
and NSDAP leaders - complete and absolutely original!
Mid to late 1930s Franz Hanfstaengl Munich catalog of prints of Hitler
and NSDAP leaders - complete and absolutely original!
Rare 6-panel Third Reich brochure advertising architectural lettering and emblems for monuments, shops and businesses - RZM approved!
Hotel Sacher Wien
Genuine Third Reich lunch and dinner menus from the world famous, luxurious
Sacher Hotel in downtown Vienna, July and August 1938.
Heavily illustrated  Third Reich color advertising for Neophan sunglasses
and special lenses for motorists (endorsed by Dr. Porsche!).
Reprimand for an Ortsgruppenleiter after publication of an
unauthorized article in the rare NSDAP magazine Der Hoheitsträger.
Miscellaneous original Third Reich color WHW collection labels
or WHW Türaufkleber - proof of a charitable donation made.
Heavily illustrated Third Reich aerial fire bomb firefighting instructions from the Reichsluftschutzbund or RLB.
Reichsgau Wien
Reichstatthalter Wien notice from 1942 of legal proceedings against
a city engineer who was accused of not being an ardent Nazi!
Reichskulturkammer correspondence, dues payments and stamps of a
female member of the State Chamber of Musik in Gau Oberdonau.
An assortment of original Third Reich frameable commercial portrait prints
of Adolf Hitler and other well-known Nazi dignitaries.
Nazi eagle
Lottery instructions, numbers, a bank payment request, an invoice, an
announcement of the prizes to be awarded in the 8th Reichslotterie.
The heavily illustrated 1939 sales catalog of Klepper Werke of Kufstein
featuring their extentive line of foul weather clothing.
A selection of Third Reich plans for model rockets, airplane and Kriegsmarine ships.
Nazi Fahne
Die Fahne hoch!, the Nazi 'anthem' beautifully printed
during the Third Reich in an oak leaf wreath and with swastikas.
Nazi Postal Codes
Original Greater Germany Postal Codes directory published by the Reichspostministerium in Berlin in July 1944 - amazing it was printed AND that it survived!
Berlin phone book
Original 1941 Berlin phone book and rare supplements.
The 1942 graduation certificate of examination for a paralegal, issued by the DAF.
A beautifully illustrated catalog featuring rubber stamps, date and letter stamps, staplers,
ink for stamp pads, type fonts, logos, metal rubber stamp holders for offices, etc.
Nazi flags
Original Hallesche Krankenkasse sign full of Nazi flags.
A superb selection of genuine Third Reich posters:
Hitler Youth, WHW, RKB, Sport, Lottery, Movies, Reichspost, NSV, etc.
Nazi propaganda
Nazi propaganda leaflets in English dropped on American troops
by German Psychological Warfare Units.
A large selection of genuine Nazi German bottle labels for wine and rum
destined for Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht personnel.
Nazi catalogs
Illustrated Third Reich catalogs for tools,
sanitary fixtures and antler lamps and clocks.
Otto Horcher
Original items directly connected to Otto Horcher,
proprietor of the most famous Nazi restaurant in Berlin.
nazi era Kienzle clock catalog
Heavily illustrated April 1939 German
KIENZLE clock catalog and price list.