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Also for sale on, Reichsstatthalter Wien correspondence
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This 1942 Nazi Reichsstatthalter Wien legal letter is offered for sale
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Der Reichsstatthalter in Wien (Baldur von Schirach)
the highest Nazi civil authority in Gau Wien
Reichsgau Wien Gemeindeverwaltung
Diplom-Ingenieur Maximilian Ellinger had a doctorate degree in engineering and was a Vienna city building officer, but still he was accused by the office of the Reichsstatthalter in Wien (Baldur von Schirach, Leader of the Hitler Youth and the highest Nazi government authority in Gau Wien) that he did not show enough willingness to fulfill his duties as a delegation leader during previous employment at aircraft manufacturer Flugmotorenwerke Ostmark (a company that produced airplane engines for Steyr-Daimler-Puch during World War II). This lack of willingness to work hard resulted in a lack of trust and proof that he was not worthy of his profession and suggest he may not have been a very ardent Nazi.
This letter dated 13 January 1942 was the notice to Diplom-Ingenieur Max Ellinger that official procedures against him had started and that a city lawyer called Dr. Albert Joly would be in charge of the investigation in the matter against him. Dr. Albert Joly was representing Bezirkhauptmann Dr. Walther Bucher who had accused Ellinger of breaking a state law dated 26 January 1937. Dipl.Ing. Ellinger was to appear in Room 36 at City Hall for the first proceedings in this matter on 23 January 1942 at 09:00.
This official A4 size letter (8.3 x 11.7 inches) is on the letterhead of Der Reichsstatthalter in Wien, from its Municipal Administration office.
It was sent by a Dr. Drünkler who was Head of the Personnel Department. It was witnessed and signed by another city lawyer to the right of a 35mm round Nazi Reichsgau Wien Gemeindeverwaltung rubber stamp.

Absolutely original to the Third Reich period in Adolf Hitler's Greater Germany and in very good condition. Was once folded.



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