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Die Neue Reichskanzlei
Albert Speer
Hitler & Speer
This is a very good example of the rare 6 x 8-1/4 inch, 72 page very heavily illustrated soft cover biography called simply Albert Speer.
Albert Speer was written by Rudolf Wolters for the Deutsche Künstler unserer Zeit (German Artists of Our Time) series and published by Gerhard Stalling Verlag of Oldenburg in 1943.

Stalling Verlag is the same company that published the splendid biography of Speer’s predecessor as Nazi Armaments Minister, super-Engineer Dr. Fritz Todt. Like the better known and more often encountered Todt biography, this one on Albert Speer presents a unique look into the background and work of the most prolific architect in Nazi Germany, Hitler’s own favorite Albert Speer.

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Born in March 1905 in Mannheim, Albert Speer studied hard and in 1925 took his exam in architecture in the Technische Hochschule of München (Munich), moving on to Berlin. While a student there he became affiliated with the NSKK and joined the NSDAP in 1931.

This book carefully follows Speer’s rise, first with rather ordinary commissions but eventually with the staging of the Reichsparteitage at Nürnberg.

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From Nürnberg, Speer attained the highest position of any Nazi era architect in Germany. Building the Führer’s Reichskanzlei on the corner of Vosstrasse and Wilhelmsplatz in central Berlin.

The book contains a 8-1/4 x 16 inch fold-out view and floor plan of the New Reichschancellery (shown at the top of this web page). He also planned the complete renovation of the city of Berlin from the smallest streets to the greatest Nazi shrines.

The book also covers Professor Speer’s international success in venues like the Paris World Fair in 1937, his own houses (Berlin and his alpine chalet outside Berchtesgaden on the Obersalzberg) and the facilities he built for other artists like the studio for sculptor Josef Thorak.

The cover of this book shows some wear, but the content is in very good condition.
1937 Paris World Fair
This Nazi biography ALBERT SPEER is
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