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Adolf Hitler photo book
Bückeberg 1934
Hitler paintings
This is an excellent original example of the rare Third Reich German book ADOLF HITLER - Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers (Adolf Hitler - Pictures of the Life of the Führer) as published in 1936 by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst in Altona-Bahrenfeld, Germany.
Julius Schreck
Cigaretten-Bilderdienst was a German tobacco company which published blank books and sets of photos for those books which they marketed as a promotion for the cigarettes and tobacco they produced. Their two best-known books were volumes 13 and 14 in their series of books, devoted to the history of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Nazi rally
Adolf Hitler - Pictures of the Life of the Führer
Their second best-known book is the book we offer here, ADOLF HITLER - Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers (Adolf Hitler - Pictures of the Life of the Führer) which was volume 15 in their series of blank text books in which the consumer pasted pictures he/she obtained as tobacco premiums. It is worth mentioning that we get a lot of e-mails from people trying to sell this book to us for thousands of dollars because they think it is one of only 15 published (the number 15 appears in a circle near the bottom of the spine), and they think that the pasted in photos are real photographs.
Hitlerjugend - Reichsparteitag der Freiheit
Hitler photos
Adolf Hitler photos
The 136 page, 9-5/8 x 12-3/8 inch red hardcover book is illustrated with dozens and dozens of glossy pictures pasted in spaces that were left in the text. This Nazi book has an excellent historical text and photo captions that cover the period of Hitler’s life from his birth in Braunau am Inn through his service in World War I, his excellent watercolor paintings, the battles of the early days of the NSDAP, the success of the Nazi Party in German elections and Hitler’s eventual appointment as Reichskanzler or Chancellor of Germany.
Reichskanzler Hitler
The sets of black and white and full-color photos that Cigaretten-Bilderdienst provided to be pasted into this book are not actual photographs, but very high-quality halftone prints with white borders varnished in such a way that they look very much like actual black and white glossy photographs. Most people that look at the book believe that the picture are real photographs.
The example of ADOLF HITLER - Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers we offer on this USMBOOKS web page is from the 1601- 1,700,000 printing run from 1936 and is complete.  The book is tight and in very good used condition, no offensive odor.  It comes with its ORIGINAL Third Reich dust jacket, shown left. 

If you would like to have a very good example in your library, this is the one to buy.  

Also for sale on, an English language translation for the book offered above, as well as other Adolf Hitler photo books and "Nazi cigarette albums".

This original 1936 ADOLF HITLER book is offered for sale
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Adolf Hitler - Pictures of the Life of the Führer English translation



with original dust jacket

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