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1938 Organisationsbuch der NSDAP
An original 1938 Nazi Party Organization book, profusely illustrated information
about the membership, political leadership, uniforms, symbols, insignia,
service requirements, flags, standards, daggers, swords, and other equipment
of the many paramilitary units that made up the NSDAP.
Der verratene Sozialismus, Karl Albrecht, Nibelungen-Verlag
"Betrayed Socialism", the anti-Soviet Nazi bestseller by German WWI veteran
and former Communist Karl Albrecht about his experiences
living and working in the Soviet Union for ten years.
Condor Legion in Spain
"Pedros y Pablos - Flying, Experiencing, Fighting in Spain", a Third Reich book
about the German participation of the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War
written by German pilot Max Stanislaus Graf Hoyos - great photo content.
swastika flag
Superb Nazi photo book covering the Reichsparteitag des Sieges, the first Nazi Party
Days held in Nürnberg after the Nazi Party was voted into power in Germany in 1933.
A superb leather bound presentation example of the book DAS REICHSSPORTFELD - the concept, design and construction of the 1936 Olympic facilities in Berlin, complete with original 1936 gift card of Hans Pfundtner, State Secretary of the Nazi Interior Ministry.
1943 DAF primer for foreign workers in Nazi Germany
An illustrated 1943 DAF "Primer for Foreign Workers in Germany" meant to
familiarize foreign laborers with the German way of life, customs, language,
paramilitary organizations, rules and regulations.
Liederbuch der NS Frauenschaft
Liederbuch der NS Frauenschaft, the Song Book of the National Socialist Women's League by Robert Kothe, published for the Reichsführung der N.S. Frauenschaft.
Freimaurer • Aufrührer • Juden
Freimaurer • Aufrührer • Juden... a limited edition Nazi book educating the German people about the dangers of Freemasonry and its Jewish members and methodology.
1937 Leipziger Messe
The Amtliches Leipziger Mess-Adressbuch, the official Leipzig Trade Fair exhibitors catalog for the Spring 1937 Sample Fair, fully indexed with superb advertising, complete
Original Third Reich coloring book for German children featuring fairytales such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel and others.
An illustrated Ludendorff Verlag book with articles about Nazi Freikorps units (even Sudeten German Freikorps units in 1938), Degenerate Art, Erich Ludendorff, Leo Schlageter, etc.
Generaloberst Friedrich Dollmann Wacht am Atlantik
"Watch on the Atlantic Ocean", a rare Nazi photo book produced for soldiers of the Wehrmacht in South-West France (Armee-Bordeaux-Südwest) printed in Bordeaux in 1940 - HARDcover and SOFTcover examples.
1942 Mutterschutzgesetz
A rare Nazi govermental publication on the 1942 Gesetz zum Schutze der erwerbstätigen Mutter (Mutterschutzgesetz) or the Law to Protect Employed Mothers - not for Jewish mothers!
Nazi nudes
The original 1936 Nazi photo book "Human Beings and Sun, Aryan Olympic Spirit"
a Third Reich bestseller by Hans Suren, a pioneer in the German nudist movement.
Das Reich als Aufgabe, SS Nordland Verlag
DAS REICH ALS AUFGABE, a 1940 Nazi propaganda book by SS-Brigadeführer
Friedrich Schmidt about the duty of German citizens to uphold National Socialist
ideals paid for in blood, published by SS Publishing House Nordland Verlag.
Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP 1940
The 1940 edition of the Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP, the
heavily illustrated hardcover yearbook of the Nazi Organization for Germans
Living Abroad (ethnic Germans living outside Nazi Germany).
A hardcover, illustrated Nazi study of race and evolution
by Professor of Anthropology Dr. Hans Weiner published in 1938.
Hitlers Nazi Germany
Original FIRST EDITION Hoffmann-type photo book Das Reich Adolf Hitlers, the Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth in 1940. Complete with color Hitler portrait. 
Fallschirmjaeger helmet
Bilddokumente des Feldzugs im Westen, a 1st Edition Nazi book with photos taken
by members of the Wehrmacht on the frontline during the 1940 invasion of France, Belgium and Holland.
Superb 1942 hardcover photo book on all the National Socialist building projects in
Munich, Capital of the Nazi Movement. Complete with color Hitler portrait.  Rare!
1933 Nationale Erhebung
Rare Nazi commemorative photo book about the road of Hitler and the Nazi
Party to the assumption of all important political power in Germany in January 1933.
Papa Eicke
DAMALS, the heavily illustrated hard cover remembrance book of "the Great Days
of the SS-Totenkopf Division Battling through France in 1940" - NOT A REPRINT!
Nazi Berlin
The very comprehensive 1938 "Scherls Street Guide to Berlin" with addresses for
NSDAP offices, police stations, churches, museums, embassies even SYNAGOGUES.
RAD service photo book
Original 1939 First Edition of the RAD photo book
Arbeitsmänner des Führers (Workmen of the Führer).
SS helmet
Rare, very heavily illustrated original 1943 OKW photo book
Das Gesicht des deutschen Soldaten
(The Faces of German Soldiers)
NSDAP history
Mussolini, Hitler
Rare 1943 hardcover photo book Männer schaffen Europa (The Men Who Are
Creating Europe, a tribute to the Neue Ordnung (the New Order) in Europe.
Very anti-American illustrated Third Reich book Ich erlebte USA im Krieg
(I Witnessed the USA at War) written by an imprisoned German national in 1941
Rare original high-quality commemorative Nazi photo book about Kriegsmarine
war-service at the German Navy Forward Observation Post at Helgoland
A rare, early Third Reich Heinrich Hoffmann-type
photo book on Italy's Il Duce, Benito Mussolini.
Falschirmjaeger helmet
Der Grosse Befehl, a rare Nazi photo book published by the OKW in 1941 about the
short but fierce Wehrmacht battle and victory of Holland, Belgium and France.
Original Third Reich photo documentary about the reunification of
Austria with Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany in the spring of 1938.
A rare 1936 guidebook to the permanent Auslands-Organisation exhibition in
Stuttgart dedicated to German colonial times, German culture abroad,
German achievements abroad, etc.
Superb anti-British political cartoons from newspapers like the Schwarze Korps,
Völkischer Beobachter
and Der Stürmer, uncovering the real Winston Churchill.
A First Edition 1941 example of heavily illustrated 80 page hard cover book
called Stammgeschichte der Menschheit (Tribal History of Mankind) .
Rom Juda Tibet - Ihr Ringen um die Weltherrschaft
Swastika Sudetenland
A rare 1939 photo book about the pro-German Sudetendeutsches movement in Czechoslovakia from 1933 through the German annexation of the provinces
of Bohemia and Moravia in March 1939.
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