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Rommel HELDEN book 1943
An original 1943 example of the Erwin Rommel DAK photo book "Heroes of the Desert" with over 40 full-page black & white and 35 full-page full-color Afrikakorps photos.
Nazi Blood Order
A 1942 First Edition of the Nationalsozialistisches Jahbuch or the NS yearbook,
published by the NSDAP for Nazi Party members - heavily illustrated, complete.
1936 Olympic Village photo book
A commemorative Third Reich photo book about the 1936 Olympic Village built and
run by the Wehrmacht for the 3500 male Olympic athletes - English photo captions.
Industrievolk an der Ruhr
Industrievolk an der Ruhr, a rare Third Reich book with over 100 photos of
the industrial facilities in the Ruhr and the people working in them.
Four Years economic progress exhibition 1937 Berlin
An original heavily illustrated catalog for the exhibition called "Give Me Four Years Time" held in Berlin in 1937, showcasing the Nazi achievements of the first four years in power.
Goebbels books
Four Third Reich books authored by Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels
, with original dust jackets and special dedications to loyal Nazis.
Das Gesicht der Niederlande
Das Gesicht der Niederlande, a hardcover photo book by SS-Obersturmführer
Leutheuser produced for Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart and Nazi soldiers
in the Netherlands showing the beauty of German occupied Holland.
vom Proleten zum Herrn! Dr. Robert Ley
Vom Proleten zum Herrn! a very anti-Jewish illustrated 1940 Nazi propaganda
book by Reichsorganisationsleiter Dr. Robert Ley.
1944 Nazi Feldpost book
An original 1944 humorous Feldpost book "Story Telling and Laughing"
for Wehrmacht soldiers at the front - never mailed.
Sturmsieg im Westen, "The Battle with Three Capitulations", Nazi photo book about
the speedy victory of Wehrmacht forces in Holland, Belgium and France in 1940.
Der Arbeitsdienst - Ein Bildberichtbuch shows how crucial the importance of compulsory labor service was to the Nazi indoctrination of the participants, and how important the work of the RAD was to the German Nation.
Das Jahr II
Das Jahr II, an original Nazi photo book highlighting the achievements by and
facts about National Socialist power in Nazi Germany in the year 1934.
Das Jahr III
Das Jahr III, an original Nazi photo book highlighting the achievements by and
facts about National Socialist power in Nazi Germany in the year 1935.
Communist Ali Höhler
Wilfrid Bade's well-written and illustrated book on the SA conquest of Berlin -
Die SA erobert Berlin (The SA Conquers Berlin).
swastika flag
"3000 Years of German History", the official Nazi version of the history
of the country of Germany and the German people.
73. Inf Div
The official unit history of the German 73rd Infantry Division and their
1941 campaign through the Balkans to Greece - 450 pictures.
Bilddokumente des Feldzugs in Polen, a 1st Edition Nazi book with photos taken
by members of the Wehrmacht on the frontline during the 1939 invasion of Poland.
Superb 1941 First Edition photo book of the Nazi Wehrmacht conquest of France.
Narvik im Bild
A 1941 First Edition hardcover example of the Nazi photo book about the
battle for Narvik, with superb color and black & white photographs.
NS Musterbetrieb
Leistungskampf der deutsche Betriebe - the book about the first Competition between German Industrial Enterprises for the title of Model Germany Companies.
swastika flag
Guidebook to the first NSDAP Rally held in the state of Baden
along the French border after the Nazis came to power
SS helmet
The heavily illustrated 1941 Nazi propaganda book "The Largest Socialist
Build-Up Ever of the German Nation" by DAF Reichsleiter Dr. Robert Ley.
A rare book by Philipp Bouhler called Adolf Hitler - Das Werden
einer Volksbewegung
(Adolf Hitler - the Emergence of a Popular Movement).
The heavily illustrated guidebook to the
1940 weapons exhibition called Sieghafte Deutsche Waffen.
Superb 1944 photographic history of artillery units of the German Wehrmacht
on the eastern front in the Soviet Union during World War II.
The heavily illustrated Nazi guidebook to the
September 1935 Reichs Party Days in Nürnberg.
NSDAP illustrated wartime propaganda booklets: an exposé of British anti-German propaganda and soldiers of the DAK in North Africa.
1942 Mussolini biography by Giorgio Pini translated into German.
Rare illustrated Nazi book Hoch- und Deutschmeister - 700 Jahre Deutsches Soldatentum (Hoch and Deutschmeister - 700 Years of German Soldiering).
The illustrated Kurzer Abriß der Rassenkunde or Short Synopsis of Ethnology
by Dieter Gerhart
- 1938 and 1942 edition.
Nazi photo book about the National Socialist German Frontline Soldier
Association Stahlhelm - the History, Being and Goals of the N.S.D.F.B.
Two Nazi books of patriotic and National Socialist poems and songs by HJ Leader
von Schirach called Die Fahne der Verfolgten and Das Lied der Getreuen.
The Official Catalog of the Exhibition of German Military Uniforms at the
International Exhibition in Paris in 1900 - IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!
Souviens-toi / Remember - English language memorial photo book about the
Nazi atrocities that took place in Oradour-sur-Glane on 10 June 1944.
German anti-Semitic book called RASSE, CHRISTLICHE KULTUR
Freund Pferd
A 1941 photo publication about horses in the German Armed Forces.
Heavily illustrated history of Germany’s Westwall defenses.
Brockhaus 1939
A 1939 edition of Der Volks-Brockhaus A-Z,
a superb, heavily illustrated 800+ page dictionary.
Rare Third Reich Wegweiser für Fliegergeschädigten, a very detailed
1943 guidebook for survivors of Allied bombing raids
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