Reichsparteitag 1936 Nürnberg
This is a very nice example of the 5-1/2 x 8 inch, 168 page, very heavily illustrated softcover book called simply Reichsparteitag 1936 Nürnberg as published by the Central Publishing House of the Nazi Party at the request of the NSDAP Organization Leadership. On the front cover is a picture of a piece of art by Professor Richard Klein showing three kneeling knights with swords beneath a large eagle and swastika.
Adolf Hitler painting
Julius Streicher
Der Stürmer anti-jewish newspaper
1936 Reichsparteitag tinnie
Inside, following portraits of Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Dr. Robert Ley and Frankenführer Julius Streicher, is all the information anyone attending the 1936 Reichsparteitag in Nürnberg could possibly want to know. There is a map of the Nürnberg area calling out all of the tent camps and other quarters, not only for the SS troops but for organizations like the KdF as well, all laid out by Gau.
There is a telephone directory, schedule of events for each day from 8 - 14 September 1936 and unit marshaling plans for the Luitpoldhain and the Zeppelinwiese. The marching order of the SA past the Führer is specified as is the timing of each days’ events right down to the minute. In the advertising section there are ads for the extremely anti-Jewish newspaper Der Stürmer, tobacco manufacturers, souvenir shops, beer, Reichsautobahn construction companies, cookies, motorcycles, bicycles, guns, boots, shoes, toy cars and even the medal makers who manufactured the 1936 Reichs Party Day pins.
RZM exhibition during the 1936 Nazi Party Days
Nazi badges, orders and medals advertising

There is a full-page ad for ADEFA clothing made by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsch-Arischer Fabrikanten der Bekleidungsindustrie (Aryan German Labor Community of the Clothing Industry), asking all German men and women to buy only clothing made by aryan hands and bearing the ADEFA label.  Other advertisers include AEG, WMF, Mercedes-Benz, Haeberlein Lebkuchen, Dresdner Bank, Triumph Werke, Ostermayer, breweries, sausage makers, etc.

A very rare original Third Reich book in good used condition.

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