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Gebirgsjäger erleben Serbien und die Ukraine
Nachschubführer in WraTZA
the children-rich future of Rumania
watercolor paintings by A. Lüdecke
Serbian helmets
WW2 casualties
Wehrmacht supply troops
Wehrmacht in the Balkans
This example has a very rare and historic card and letter glued inside the front cover (shown above). The postcard dated 12 May 1943 is from the publisher Verlag F. Bruckmann in Munich and is regarding a free copy of Gebirgsjäger erleben Serbien und die Ukraine sent to one of the authors, Hauptmann E. Starkl of the 4th Mountain Division.

The two-sided typed letter dated 28 April 1943 was sent to Major Starkl by Obergefreiter J. Gaa, who had been responsible for the photographic content and overall publication of this book. It starts with congratulations on Starkl's promotion from Hauptmann to Major and then apologies for not being able to hand over a copy of the book to Starkl personally, as Obergefreiter Gaa had not been aware of Starkl's change of address as a result of his promotion (Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Halle/Salle). Obergefreiter Gaa said he hoped Starkl will like the book and apologizes for the quality of the paper ("the best he could get during the war") and mentions that the Enzian Division had ordered thousands of copies. Obergefreiter Gaa hoped, if Major Starkl like the book, he could put in a good word for him so he would possibly receive the Kriegsverdienstkreuz for all the energy and hard work he had put in putting together this book! We don't know if Gaa ever got his medal!



Nazi tank
This is a very good hardcover example of the rare World War II German combat history of the Nazi 4th Mountain or Enzian Division, Gebirgsjäger erleben Serbien und die Ukraine (German Mountain Troops Experience Serbia and the Ukraine) as published in cooperation with the Generalkommando XVIII for the Division by Verlag F. Bruckmann in Munich, Germany. Responsible for the content were Oberleutnant H. Manz and Hauptmann E. Starkl, and Obergefreiter J. Gaa for the photographic material and overall publication.

Historic correspondence between the publisher and Hauptmann E. Starkl and Obergefreiter J. Gaa and Major Starkl accompany this Third Reich book.   
This excellent 7-1/2 x 10 inch, very heavily illustrated, 200 or so (unnumbered) page hardcover book is one the very best of its type in that many sepia toned photos show the men and officers of the outfit with vehicles from bicycles and horses to huge halftracks and radio trucks. They also show their weapons and equipment, their captives, the death and destruction they produced, and their everyday life among occupied people.
There are dead enemy soldiers, odd looking heavy tanks, piles of helmets and rifles, columns of jaunty Gebirgsjäger on the march, Gebirgsjäger on horseback and the graves of dead comrades.

Supplementing about 200 very sharp full-page photos are around a dozen full-page, full-color paintings by A. Lüdecke, one of the Gebirgsjäger who painted what he saw along the route of the 4th Mountain Division to the Ukraine.
Wehrmacht war dead
The book with the correspondence is very rare and in very good used condition and quite timely with the continued unrest brewing in that part of the world!

Also for sale on, a rare Nazi photo publication about Gebirgsjäger in action in Greece and on Crete as well as a superb Nazi photo book about General Dietl and his Gebirgsjäger in Norway in 1940.

This Nazi Mountain Troop hardcover photo book is offered for sale
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