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This 1938 Nazi photo book Bei uns in Deutschland is offered for sale
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Bei uns in Deutschland, Volk und Reich Verlag 1938
Avus Berlin
Nazi Honor Temples Munich
Hitler Youth
Nazi Party Days and Olympic Games
Hitler in Breslau
Reichsparteitag Nuernberg
Hitler and Albert Speer
Nazi Party Days Nuremberg
This book is a celebration of the industrial, architectural, economic, political, agricultural and military successes that occurred in Germany since the National Socialists came to power in 1933. Huge full-page photographs show Nazi banners, German workers and their factories, the Hitler Youth celebrating, happy aryan mothers and children, Nazis fallen for their Movement, the 1938 Anschluß and Hitler's triumphant return to Vienna and the huge crowds of fans awaiting him on the Heldenplatz on 15 March 1938.
There are pictures of the Reichsparteitag rallies in Nürnberg, the Honor Temple monument to fallen Nazi martyrs in Munich, beautiful German women, work on the Reichsautobahn, the new KdF cruise ship 'Wilhelm Gustloff', automobile factories and Nazi race cars, Hitler and architect Albert Speer planning new triumphs, the gigantic building projects of the Nazis, the Ordensburgen, Olympic facilities in Berlin and so on.
Bei uns in Deutschland 1938
One section is devoted to the success of Germany's Armed Forces in returning to the Reich territory lost by the Treaties of Versailles and St. Germain at the end of World War I.
One of the best books of its type, this 78 year old hardcover edition of Bei uns in Deutschland is in very good, tight condition.

Right, we show the title page as a previous owner apparently wanted to remove a name or dedication from it . It was replaced with a white piece of glossy art paper, just like the paper used in the book, just a little brighter.
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Adolf Hitler AND Ribbentrop
This is a very nice, tight example of the 8-3/4 x 9-3/8 inch, very, very heavily illustrated 112 page hard cover book Bei uns in Deutschland (In Our Germany) by Friedrich Heiss as published by Volk und Reich Verlag in Berlin in 1938.

This book is a celebration of the industrial, architectural, economic, political, agricultural and military successes that occurred in Germany since the Nazis came to power in 1933.