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NS Jahrbuch 1941
A heavily illustrated 1941 Third Edition of the Nationalsozialistisches Jahrbuch
or the NS yearbook, published by the NSDAP for Nazi Party members.
General Rommel, Infanterie greift an
Adolf Hitler Volk und Rasse aus Mein Kampf


Rare politically-incorrect Third Reich publication with excepts from Mein Kampf 
and Adolf Hitler's thoughts on Volk und Rasse, the National Socialist
concept of population and race in Germany.
Kampf und Sieg in Norwegen! 1940 Reichspropagandaleitung
A rare, heavily illustrated Nazi Propaganda Office book that provided supporting information for a Nazi Party film presentation about the many faceted battle
and the German victory in Norway in 1940.
SA Stabchef Ernst Rohm
ADOLF HITLER UND SEIN STAB, a rare 1933 Nazi photo book introducing Hitler
and his first National Socialist cabinet. This book was added to the "List of
Damaging and Undesirable Literature" and was outlawed by the Nazi Party in 1935.
U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen 1939
A fine Kriegsmarine book from 1943, "A Photo Documentary of the German Battle
for Freedom At Sea" - SUPERB PHOTO CONTENT, hardcover with original DJ.
U-Boot auf Feindfahrt (Submarine on Enemy Patrol) by Dr. Harald Busch
DAS JAHR I, the first year of National Socialist power in Germany - achievements by the NSDAP after they formed the first Nazi government in Germany under Chancellor Hitler in January 1933. Great photo content, including several pictures of Ernst Röhm.
1933 Ein Kampf um Deutschland
A heavily illustrated, anti-communist Nazi book from 1933 called Ein Kampf um Deutschland (A Battle for Germany) with a 16-page supplement about Adolf Hitler.
Frauen helfen siegen
A 1st Edition Nazi photo book about German women doing men's work on the home front during World War II with a foreword by Reichsfrauenführerin Gertrud Scholtz-Klink.
Rare Third Reich book about the return of the ethnic German insdustrial mining
area of Oberschlesien to Hitler's Greater Germany - BEWARE gruesome photos
GECO Nazi military contractor catalog 1937
An original heavily illustrated 50th anniversary catalog / price book of Wehrmacht contractor Gustav Genschow & Co. listing weapons, swords, telescopic sights, hunting knives, holsters, binoculars, billyclubs, canteens, traps, tents and much more.
Soldatenantlitz in der Schlacht (Soldier Faces in Battle) is a rare Nazi photo book which Generalfeldmarschall von Reichenau called "An Honor Book for German Soldiers".
German Children - German Names! Fahrenkrog
German Children - German names!, a Third Reich treatise on the Nazi opinion
on given names for the children of German parents and names set aside for Jews.
Unsere deutsche Wehrmacht, Major Hermann Foertsch
anti-Jewish Nazi book
The VERY RARE extremely anti-Jewish 1943 Nazi propaganda book 10 Jahre Adolf Hitler 10 Jahre Roosevelt by Reichsorganisationsleiter Dr. Robert Ley.
1940 Altmark Incident
A rare English language Nazi book from the Britain Unmasked series called  THE
, the GERMAN point-of-view of the 'Altmark Incident'
swastika flag
"The National Socialist Revolution in Vienna", a superb photo documentary about the historic events surrounding the reunification of Austria with Germany spring 1938.
"Fellow Citizens from the West - Gau Oberdonau Offers You a New Home", a historic 1943 integration publication for bombed out evacuees from the west to be resettled near Linz.
An original heavily illustrated Third Reich guidebook for visitors to the
Nazi Party Days held in Nürnberg in September 1936.
Nazi Gorget
Photos and war diary excerpts from the 1940 Wehrmacht invasion of France and
Belgium in the original Nazi book Die Roten Teufel sind die Hölle!
A very rare,original, heavily illustrated example of the 1936
German language heavy weapons catalog of Bofors of Sweden.
Sieg im Osten - Sieg im Norden
Der Sieg im Osten - Der Sieg im Norden, a rare photo book about the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939 and 1940 invasion of Denmark and Norway with gritty, up-close images.
An unusual Nazi propaganda book called PLUTOKRATIE ENGLAND -
die Geschichte eines Raubstaates
, with color transparencies.
Panzer Totenkopf
Dichter unter den Waffen, a rare 1941 Nazi book featuring German authors in the Wehrmacht, all pictured in their uniform. One of the authors became a Professor at the University of Ottawa after the war!
Fancy oversized hardcover 1940 Nazi photo book Grossdeutschland - Die Staedte showing cities in Adolf Hitler's newly expanded Greater Germany - captions in 5 languages.
Reichsminister für Bewaffnung und Munition Dr. Todt
Front in der Heimat, a 1942 hardcover Nazi book on the importance of the
German armaments industry - superb photo content, original dust jacket.
A superbly illustrated Third Reich children's book called Das Seemanns ABC
printed in Occupied Holland in 1941.
RAD Bug Wolga
Arbeitsmänner zwischen Bug und Wolga - Erlebnisberichte und Bilder vom Einsatz des jüngsten Jahrganges an der Ostfront - Experiences and Photos of the RAD in Russia.
USA - OKW Tornisterschrift
A rare 1943 book published by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht
about the United States.
Kampf im Osten
Third Reich photographic folio KAMPF IM OSTEN,
9th Army, Army Group Center in the Soviet Union.
Krupp Germaniawerft
The rare Third Reich commemorative photo book about the famous
Krupp Germania Wharf in Kiel-Gaarden.
3. Reich Hausrat
Rare, heavily illustrated guide to contemporary Third Reich tableware.
nazi propaganda
Rare 1940 Feldpost edition of Englands Räuberhand
(the Thieving Hand of England or the Predatory Hand of England).
Rote Spiegel - Überall am Feind is a Nazi photo book
examining the history and function of the Flakartillerie.
DJ books
An assortment of Nazi era hunting books: hunting exhibition catalog,
the 1939 Nazi Hunting Law, horn signals, hunting records.
Westfront 1940
An original Third Reich "Small War Booklet" from 1940 called
Wir von der Westfront (We On The West Front).
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