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Doehle Nazi medals book
The original 1943 hard cover color edition of the Nazi medal, badge and order
reference book by Dr. Doehle. The best published during the Third Reich!
Die Verlorene Insel - Das Gesicht des heutigen England
The very anti-British Nazi propaganda book Die Verlorene Insel or 'The Lost Island' showing how unfair life in Great Britain was if you were not wealthy or titled.
1941 Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP I + II
Volume I and II of the 1942 Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP,
the heavily illustrated hardcover  yearbooks of the Nazi Organization for
Germans Living Abroad (ethnic Germans living outside Nazi Germany)
Nazi 38th Army Corps photo book, Sturmmarsch Zur Loire
Nazi MUNICH photo book
Superb hardcover photo book showing off the Capital of the Nazi Movement and the enormous effort that went into the Nazi reconstruction of Munich between 1933 and 1936.
anti-Semitic Alfred Rosenberg books
Nazi publications by Alfred Rosenberg, one of the principal racial theorist of the Nazi
Party: The World Battle and World Revolution of Our Time and Gestaltung der Idee.
Rare 1941 limited edition commemorative photo publication produced for the men
of the Nazi construction battalion of Hauptmann Freiherr von Gall.
Heavily illustrated hard cover book Arbeitsmaiden am Werk or Labor Service Girls at
Work - the concept, the methodology, content and the service performed by Aryan girls.
Das Leben, the Nazi concept of racial purity and selectivity
Heavily illustrated, incredibly politically incorrect book DAS LEBEN
about the Nazi concept of racial purity and selectivity.
Waffenhefte des Heeres - Die Pioniere
an illustrated Nazi book published for future Wehrmacht combat engineers.
Nazi propaganda book
A rare original, extremely anti-Jewish 1942 publication by Dr. Robert Ley about the necessity of the German battle against British and Bolshevist influences.
A 1938 photo book on "Graz - The City of the People's Insurrection", one of the
most fanatically Nazi places in the Greater German Reich of Adolf Hitler.
Das Rom Mussolinis - Rom als moderne Hauptstadt
Das Rom Mussolinis - Rom als moderne Hauptstadt (Mussolini’s Rome -
Rome as a Modern Capital), a rare 1943 photo book printed in Nazi Germany.
German Massacre
Polnische Blutschuld, a rare Nazi exposé on the
massacred ethnic Germans in Poland in 1939.
Zucht und Sitte 1943
Zucht und Sitte - heavily illustrated 1943 Nazi book covering the study of blood types and racial research, the fabric of the German Nation, the German Mother, etc.
Nazi edged weapons catalog Paul Seilheimer Solingen
A rare original heavily illustrated Third Reich dagger, sword and bayonet
catalog of Waffenfabrik Paul Seilheimer in Solingen.
Rommel DAK book
Mit Rommel in der Wüste (With Rommel in the Desert), a superbly illustrated,
1943 hard cover book by Wilhelm Wessel.
The Große Duden Bildwörterbuch (Big Duden Illustrated Dictionary), the
1938 edition containing thousands and thousands of individual illustrations.
Von der Saar bis an die Mosel
Von der Saar bis an die Mosel
March, Battle and Victory of an Infantry Division.
A rare Oberkommando der Wehrmacht publication on the Balkan
campaign and the recapture of Cyrenaikain Libya in 1941
1936 Summer Olympics Berlin
Nazi photo book about the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, with captions in German, English and French - a HARD cover and SOFT cover edition.
The Non-Commissioned Officer in Flak Units -
a superb 1940 illustrated Flak unit handbook.
The 1943 Nazi book Das Geheimnis Japanischer Kraft the military might, racial
purity, and the secret strengths of the secluded island culture of Japan.
Heavily illustrated history of the 12th Army in the Balkans
VON SERBIEN BIS KRETA (From Serbia to Crete).
Das Jahr VI
Das Jahr VI, an original Nazi photo book highlighting the achievements by and
facts about National Socialist power in Nazi Germany in the year 1938.
Nazi songbook Deutsche Heimat
Deutsche Heimat -
the most beautiful German folk songs, student songs and hiking songs.
KZ Dachau
What was it like in the Concentration Camp at Dachau?
(original German title was Wie war das in Dachau?) by Dr. Johannes Neuhäusler.
Nazi paratrooper
A 1941 Nibelungen Verlag, First Edition book called
So wird man Fallschirmjäger! (How Paratroopers are Made!)
Operation Barbarossa - the story in words, maps, large clear photos and excellent captions.
Gertrud Scholtz-Klink
The 1939 and 1941 yearbooks of Gertrud Scholtz-Klink's
Deutsches Frauenschaffen paramilitary organization.
Nazi eagle and swastika
The 7 pound "Handbook of the Greater German Gau Vienna", commercial and
other pertinent information about the population, Nazi infrastructure of
the 2nd largest city of Hitler's Greater Germany.
A wonderfully illustrated, humerous Third Reich primer on raising chickens
published by the Nazi State Society of German Small Animal Breeders.
Nazi eagle & swastika
Rare original "Directory of National Socialist Doctors in Munich-Upper Bavaria" as published by the N.S. Ärztebund of Munich-Upper Bavaria in 1935.
The 1937 anniversary edition of Hildebrandts Wappenfibel, a heavily illustrated
book on German family coats of arms at the time of the Third Reich.
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