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Waffen-Lexikon für Jäger und Schützen
A heavily illustrated very detailed, expanded 1937 edition of the
"Weapons Encyclopedia for Hunters and Riflemen” featuring  
Walther, Mauser, Colt, Browning, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, etc.
Nazi U-Boot photo book 1943
"UX" Stand im Mittelmeer - Mit einem deutschen U-Boot auf Feindfahrt, a rare
1943 Nazi photo book about a Nazi submarine and its crew in the Mediterranean.
Rare 1943 Nazi photo book Infanterie im Osten about the the "Incomparable
German Infantrymen" during the German invasion of the Soviet Union.
Das Heim im Reichsarbeitsdienst
Das Heim im Reichsarbeitsdienst, an excellent hardcover 1937 RAD photo book
showing the high-quality housing for the men of the Nazi State Labor Service.
AO yearbooks 1942
Volume I and II of the 1942 Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP, the
heavily illustrated hardcover yearbooks of the Nazi Organization for
Germans Living Abroad (ethnic Germans living outside Nazi Germany).
'The Face of War', a superb photo documentary about the military campaigns
in Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, France, Denmark and Norway
in 1939 and 1940, with original dust jacket
Arbeiter Bauern und Soldaten, Dr. Ley
Arbeiter Bauern und Soldaten (Workers, Farmers and Soldiers) a very
anti-Semitic illustrated Nazi propaganda book by Dr. Robert Ley.
Reichsparteitag 1937 guidebook
Reichsparteitag 1937 Nürnberg 6-13 September, the official guidebook to the
1937 Nazi Party Days containing all pertinent information for visitors.
Gebirgsjäger in Griechenland und auf Kreta
Gebirgsjäger in Griechenland und auf Kreta - a rare Nazi photo publication
about the battle of Greece and the invasion of the island of Crete
by German paratroopers and mountain troops.
Das Programm der NSDAP 1933
1938 Bei uns in Deutschland
The 1938 hardcover Volk und Reich Verlag photo book BEI UNS IN DEUTSCHLAND
by Friedrich Heiss showcasing the improvements in Nazi Germany since 1933
The heavily illustrated Nazi combat history of the Enzian Division -
Gebirgsjäger erleben Serbien und die Ukraine - superb, rare photographs.
Hans Suren in RAD uniform
Heavily illustrated 1938 hardcover example of Gymnastik der Deutschen by
German fitness expert Hans Suren, with rare exercise booklet and
five additional glossy exercise regiment charts.
Ruhm und Fall der Maginot-Linie
An unusual 1942 Nazi photo book about the shortcomings of the French Maginot Line fortifications written by a Czech General and published in German in Prague.
Unsere Kriegsflotte, 'an educational picture book for young and old containing a lively overview of the Nazi German Navy', published in 1938 by General-Anzeiger Wuppertal.
Fritz Todt
A hard cover First Edition of the 1943 Nazi biography of famous engineer
Fritz Todt, the designer and planner of the Reichsautobahn in Nazi Germany.
Kriegsweihnacht 1942
A beautifully illustrated and printed 1942 Christmas morale booster for men of
the Motorized Map Detachment 608 on active duty near Smolensk, Russia.
Nazi coloring book
An original Nazi German coloring book featuring Aryan children, teddybears, building blocks, kittens, etc.  called "For Our Little Artists” - in unused condition.
nazi Panzer
Fantastic Nazi combat photo book "Decisive Hours - With the Camera and the Enemy” with war correspondent photos from Poland, Norway, France, Maginot Line,
Belgium, Dunkirk - 24 pages of full-color photos and original color DJ.
Flak Italy 1943
Heavily illustrated Nazi magazine to boost the morale of the men of the Flak
Battalion 809 (part of Luftgau VII) during the lonley holiday season of 1943 in Italy.
Nazi photo book Mit uns im Osten about the Ulmer Infanterie-Division (Wehrmacht 5th Infantry Division) on the East Front - with rare DJ and large fold-out color map.
SS dedication
THREE Nazi era books on World War II in Finland, one with a rare dedication
from a SS-Oberscharführer to a SS-Hauptscharfüher dated 27 April 1944.
IG Farbenindustrie
IG Farben company manufacturing overview (Bayer, Agfa, Leuna, Beuna)
produced for their exhibit at the 1937 International Exposition Paris
Du und Dein Volk (You and Your Nation), National Socialist ideology book
handed out
to high school graduates upon graduation.
Nazi swastika flag
1939 Nazi chemical factory anniversary photo book.
England so und so
Heavily illustrated Nazi book showing German readers a look at their new enemy
Britain, as it appeared in the movies and magazines and as it really was.
Third Reich educational publications about the goals, achievements
and organization of the Reichsarbeitsdienst or RAD.
Nazi specialty books
Books that provide real insights in the lives of
ordinary Germans during the Third Reich.
Nazi Panzer
Deutsche Panzer durchbrechen den Korridor (German Tanks break through
the Corridor), an original illustrated Third Reich book for young German boys.
Nordland Verlag
1939 SS Nordland Verlag book Juden in Frankreich or Jews in France
about the The Jewish Question in France.
The best Third Reich photo book and travel guide to National Socialist Munich,
heavily illustrated with captions in German, English, Spanish and Italian.
A rare photo book showing four years of progress under
Nazi leadership in Grenzland Bayerische Ostmark.
Excellent description and explanation of the
day-to-day activities of a Sturmführer in the SA.
A very historic, illustrated English language book on Nazi diplomatic communications published by the German Library of Information in New York in 1940.
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