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Ernst Marlier, Villa Wannsee
An interesting ephemera / photo lot connected with Villa Wannsee builder
Ernst Marlier. Includes never published photo of Benito Mussolini.
Luftwaffe Flak-Regiment 131 photo album, Oberstleutnant August Sambach
An original oversized Nazi photo album put together by Officers of the Staff of
Luftwaffe Flakregiment 131
as a commemorative for their departing Commander,
Oberstleutnant August Sambach, in 1942
Wehrmacht NCO
An original Third Reich photo album containing photos of a cocky, good looking
unnamed young Unteroffizier from Saxony who was wounded during his
Wehrmacht service; his recuperation, wedding and family
Nazi wedding photos
A selection of original Third Reich photos of uniformed members
of the Wehrmacht and their brides.
Nazi souvenir photo set Nuremberg
An original Nazi souvenir photo set called NUERNBERG Stadt der Reichsparteitage produced by Verlag Heinrich Hoffmann of Munich, complete with 16 photographs.
Wehrmacht Officer POW photo lot
A large Third Reich photo grouping of a Wehrmacht Unteroffizier who became a POW
in France, and his beautiful young blond wife from Munich - 34 photos.
Swastika banners
A complete souvenir photo set of twelve original Third Reich photographs of
Reichshauptstadt Berlin decorated for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games
Jesse Owens USA
FIVE different complete sets original Third Reich souvenir photographs taken during the
1936 Summer Olympics: Adolf Hitler, Ernst Udet, Jesse Owens, Helen Stephens,
Charles Leonard, Glenn Hardin, Kenneth Carpenter and many other medal winners.
SS Man
SS, Luftwaffe, Gebirgsjäger, Fallschirmjäger, Kriegsmarine, etc. PAGE 1PAGE 2
A very rare lot of original NSKK photos taken at the SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz.
Nazi photos
A selection of unique Third Reich military & civilian photos all over Grossdeutschland - generals, soldier weddings, barracks, home front, etc. PAGE 1PAGE 2PAGE 3
A selection of original Third Reich studio photo portraits and commercial, framable
prints of Hitler, Himmler, Raeder and other high-ranking Nazis.
Oversized seldom-seen high-quality Third Reich folio of nude female prints
called Ideale Schönheit or Ideal Beauty
Twelve original black & white German souvenir photos of the interior and exterior
of Adolf Hitler's alpine home the Berghof outside Berchtesgaden.
Nazi band
A lot of 20 rare Wehrmacht marching band photographs
of Wachtbattalion Wien.
Iron Cross
Original Third Reich photos of a German Army unit review, incl. MG42.
A high-quality reproduction made from a stunning original black & white Third Reich photographic print of SS-Obergruppenführer Heydrich at the height of his career.
Fifty clear, glossy Nazi army combat color photographs.
45th Infantry Division
Never before seen 68 year old images of the Königsplatz and Nazi Honor Temples
in Munich shot by an American 45th Infantry Division Officer in May 1945.
USM archive photos
Rare and unusual Third Reich images from the archives of USMBOOKS.com.