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Nazi military dogs, Wehrmacht Meldehund
Raumbild-Verlag Otto Schönstein book Der Kampf im Westen
Nazi 3D photo book Der Kampf im Westen
Der Kampf im Westen, Die Soldaten des Fuehrers im Felde
3-D stereo photograph book
Wehrmacht light machine gun
Generalleutnant von Briessen
Nazi tank commander, Panzer wrap
battle damage at Dunkirk
double machine gun
Wehrmacht river crossing in rubber boats
Nazi General Busch and Nazi General with Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
Nazi 3D photo book Kampf im Westen - COMPLETE
Fieseler Storch on on Place de la Concorde in Paris
Nazi 3D photo book Kampf im Westen
Nazi 3D photo book Kampf im Westen
Nazi 3D photo book Kampf im Westen
colored French POWs in WW2
Nazi artillery shells
This is a good example of the very scarce Raumbild-Verlag Otto Schönstein book Der Kampf im Westen (Combat in the West) by Oberstleutnant of the General Staff Hasso von Wedel and Heinrich Hansen of the Reichs Press Office of the NSDAP. This 80-page, 8 x 11-1/2 inch hardcover book was published in München (Munich) in 1940 as the second volume in a two volume combat book set with the subtitle Die Soldaten des Führers im Felde (Soldiers of the Führer in the Field). The first volume was called Der Polen Feldzug 1939.
Raumbild Verlag (Three Dimensional Picture Publishers) books were unique in that they came with photographic stereo-view cards and a fold-up metal device with which the cards could be viewed. This book is complete with all 100 original photographs but DOES NOT have the viewer. Any Raumbild 3D viewer will work with these Raumbild 3D photos.
If you are not familiar with this Nazi three-dimensional book, you need to know that it consists of a well-written text by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht on the subject of the military campaigns in France and Belgium in 1940. There are eight full-page full-color photos in the text that depict various Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe units in the field.

The special covers of this album are about 1/2-inch thick and are die-cut with four cavities that hold the 100 special 3-D stereo photographs (REAL photographs - NOT halftone prints) and fifth cavity to hold a metal viewer with glass lenses that sets up to view the photographs. This book does not contain the viewer.

The 100 stereo photos each measure 2-3/8 x 5 inches and have a full description of the subject printed on the back.
When seen in a 3D viewer each picture is incredibly three-dimensional, almost as if the scene was being viewed in real life. We know of no other way for a history buff to observe a three-dimensional view of the German troops on Place de la Concorde in Paris, a Fieseler Storch aircraft, the destruction in the town of Sedan or the interior of the railcar in Compiègne where the French Government surrendered in 1940 after only a few days of combat.
Naturally, the subject of the Nazi Campaign in the West covers a wide range. Among the 100 three-dimensional views are photos of Waffen-SS, Police, Wehrmacht dog handlers, carrier pigeon troops, assault boat teams, heavy flak batteries, field guns, Panzer troops, anti-tank units, bridge builders and engineers, medical evacuation units, field kitchens, a Fieseler Storch on on Place de la Concorde in Paris, French negro prisoners, high ranking German Officers wearing Blue Max and Knights Cross of the Iron Cross medals, captured enemy equipment and extreme urban combat damage.
This rare book is hardbound in red linen and has the remains of white blocking on the covers and the spine, some of which has come off over the years. It is complete with all 100 pictures, but has no metal viewer. While the book appears virtually unread, the front and back end papers are cracked and repaired where the covers meet the body inside the book. Some of the photos have darkened or lightened or yellowed with age, but all clear and in good condition and can easily be viewed in three dimensions using a Raumbild viewer from any other Raumbild book.
This example of Der Kampf im Westen is in good used condition and GUARANTEED to be absolutely authentic historical Third Reich material over 75 years old. Because the book does not come with a view it is bargain priced at only $195.00 (about half the usual price).

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