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Sondernummer NS-Frauenwarte magazine
A special edition of the official Nazi women's magazine NS Frauen-Warte with text in German, English, French & Italian: Frauen Schaffen für Deutschland - Women Work for Germany - Des Femmes Travaillent Pour L'Allemagne - Donne Lavorano Per La Germania.
Illustrierter Beobachter Frankreichs Schuld
An extremely anti-Jewish and anti-Black special edition of the
Illustrierter Beobachter called FRANKREICHS SCHULD - very graphic!
Kunst dem Volk Nuernberg Sonderheft
The September 1939 issue of the Nazi art magazine Kunst dem Volk covering the City
of the Nazi Party Days and Hitler’s hotel in Nuremberg, Der Deutsche Hof.
Hoheitrstrager magazine
Ten rareheavily illustrated issues of the NSDAP Kreisleiter / Gauleiter level magazine
Der Hoheitsträger (The Standard Bearer) hardbound as a book, 1940 - 1941.
Superb 1936 photo publication ADOLF HITLER - EIN MANN UND SEIN VOLK,
showing Hitler from WW1 soldier to statesman, as a politician, as a man of the people.
A civilian (large) and Wehrmacht (small) edition of the high-quality
Nazi art magazine Kunst dem Volk for August 1942.
1938 Sonderheft Die Wehrmacht OESTERREICH
Oversized Special Edition of Die Wehrmacht magazine covering the festivities surrounding the reunification of Austria with Hitler’s Nazi Germany - superb photo content!
Adolf Hitler painting, Fritz Erler
The August 1939 issue of the oversized Nazi art magazine Die Kunst im dritten Reich, Ausgabe B with architectural information on Nazi freeway construction and bridges.
Der Luftschutz magazines 1939
All twelve 1939 issues of DER LUFTSCHUTZ, a very interesting, heavily illustrated Nazi magazine with articles about air raid protection, aviation and aviation equipment, HARDBOUND in a book - complete.
MOTORSCHAU magazines
A large selection of the superb obersized automotive magazine Motor Schau from
1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 and the last issue from 1944.
The 1939 issues of the high-quality oversize Nazi art magazine
, professionally bound as a hardcover book.
1937 Illustrirte Zeitung Leipzig
THREE original 1937 examples of the ILLUSTRIRTE ZEITUNG, covering Wehrmacht maneuvers, Benito Mussolini's visit to Germany, new airplanes, the RAD, etc.
Ostfront-Illustrierte April 1942
The rare April 1942 edition of Ostfront-Illustrierte, a photo magazine for
Nazi soldiers in the Soviet Union.  Superb, very gritty photo content!
Nazi helmet
A lot of SIX rare issues of Wirtschafts-Illustrierte Arbeit und Wehr (Illustrated Economics Magazine - Industry and Defense) from 1941 and 1942. Superb photo content.
Ostmarkbrief Nazi photo magazine
Many issues of Der Ostmarkbrief, the heavily illustrated "Information and Educational Magazine" published by the Gauleiter Josef Bürckel - superb photo content.
Deutsche Heldenmäler
Deutsche Heldenmäler, a very rare oversized special art publication on
German war memorials for soldiers outside Nazi Germany
Facts in Review August 1940
Two special August 1940 issues of Facts in Review, the English language news magazine published in 1939, 1940 and 1941 by the German Library of Information in New York City.
Nazi eagle
Individual issues and hardbound sets of the single most important
Nazi Party publication - Der Schulungsbrief, incl. rare 1944 war-time issues!
HUSAR porcelain
EIGHT original oversized 1942 and 1943 Nazi art magazines Kunst dem Volk full of war art, bathing beauties, heroic sculptures, German landscapes, Aryan farmers with children, etc.
Deutscher Bilderdienst
Lot of 4 rare Deutscher Bilderdienst photo magazines published by the Nazi Teacher
Union with original mailing envelopes - superb photo material not found elsewhere.
NINETEEN original 1941 and 1942 issues of the heavily illustrated
Nazi hunting magazine Der deutsche Jäger hardbound in a book.
Four original wartime photo magazines called Heimat: Ein Feldpostbrief der Luftwaffe published by the NS Political Leadership within the Air Force.
Heavily illustrated March 1938 issue of JUNKERS-NACHRICHTEN,
the Junkers company in-house news magazine in German and English!
HJ Fahne
TEN bound issues of the original heavily illustrated Third Reich children's publication Deutsche Kinderwelt, a bi-weekly magazine for young children in Nazi Germany.
Four original consecutive 1939 issues of the rare, heavily illustrated
Nazi magazine Der SA Führer (The SA Leader).
NS Bewegung
Two rare original Nazi political propaganda publications covering
the History of the Nazi Movement and the Nazi World Philosophy.
Rare illustrated 1941 quarterly DIE BURG published by the Nazi
Institut für deutsche Ostarbeit in Krakau Generalgouvernement.
Three rare original NSKK Deutsche Kraftfahrt magazines with SUPERB photo content:
1935 Nazi Party Days, Dedication of the Nazi Honor Temples in Munich, etc.
The original 15 November 1943 issue of the rabidly anti-Jewish publication
Die Judenfrage, (Information about the Jewish Question) - VERY RARE!
The rare October 1941 International Wood Market magazine Internationaler
, the "professional magazine for the wood industries in the New Europe".
Five heavily illustrated 1939 issues of the rare NSFK model airplane magazine
Deutsche Luftwacht Modellflug complete with fold-out plans.
Hitler in Wien
Special Edition of Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung published specifically to commemorate the Anschluß and to familiarize Germans with the newest part of their country, Grossdeutschland.
HEUTE magazines from American occupied Germany - unique historical photographic
images of the personalities and the destruction of World War II in Europe.
Five different lots of original heavily illustrated NS-Frauenwarte magazines,
the "only official National Socialist women's magazine".
MOTOR und SPORT - heavily illustrated magazines with articles about motorized Wehrmacht troops, the U-Boot, military blackout lights, motorcycle seats, Russian aircraft, etc.
Grossdeutscher Verkehr
Grossdeutscher Verkehr, a heavily illustrated Nazi magazine covering
train, bus, air, steamship, truck and car traffic in Nazi Germany.
Neues Volk
Two rare original 1940 illustrated issues of the anti-Jewish magazine NEUES VOLK
(New Nation) published by the Racial-Political Office of the Nazi Party.
Two heavily illustrated 1943 Nazi School Editions of the magazine Die Kriegsmarine,
and a 1936 educational booklet about the Navy fleet, ranks, badges and emblems.
Heavily illustrated photo magazines called DEUTSCHLAND with features on the Reichschancellery, the Reichsautobahn, Berlin, Bayreuth, Mussolini visit, etc.
FIFTY incredibly historic early Nazi Party photo newspapers
Illustrierter Beobachter - hardbound - 1929 - 1932.
Eckart Ratgeber
National Socialist information magazine asking readers to REALLY pay attention to the text in this magazine, not just look at the pictures!
Huge special edition of Illustrirte Zeitung March 1938 on the Rheinland with articles about Blades Made in Solingen, Leadership of the Nazi Party and HJ in the Rhineland, etc.
Miscellaneous lots of original German language editions of the Third Reich
aviation magazine Der Adler (The Eagle) - 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942.
The rare July 1941 issue of the heavily illustrated Third Reich magazine
published for the Axis countries, BERLIN • ROM • TOKIO.
Third Reich photo magazine that familiarizes the reader with details about
the first days of the war against England - great photo material!
The heavily illustrated 7 May 1940 issue of the Third Reich sport magazine Reichssportblatt.
Two rare original 1938 issues of the Nazi genealogy research magazine
Familie, Sippe, Volk about race, family and the maintenance of pure German blood.
Miscellaneous issues of the rare heavily illustrated, monthly
Hitler-Jugend magazine Unsere Fahne (Our Flag)
FIVE illustrated Arbeitertum (Labor World) magazines
published by the DAF and KdF - 1938 - 1942.
The heavily illustrated May 1939 issue of the Nazi magazine Kraft durch Freude
(Strength through Joy) published by the NSDAP Gauleitung Wien.
JA Topf
Three rare examples of the Nazi railway and Reichsautobahn
magazine Die Reichsbahn for 8, 22 and 29 June 1938.
Eight issues of the Nazi DAF magazine Wehr-Arbeit or Defense Work,
an education magazine of the DAF, Wehrmacht Section, Army Edition.
Wehrmacht ART
A lot of EIGHT original issues of the high-quality large-size Nazi art magazine
Kunst dem Volk (Art of the Nation) published by Heinrich Hoffmann.
Original 8, 15 and 22 April 1933 issues of Das Zeitbild,
a very anti-Jewish Nazi photo magazine.
Original 15 January and 18 February 1933 issues of Der Notschrei,
a very rare, early anti-Jewish Nazi photo magazine.
Lot of 7 rare Nazi magazines showcasing Reichsgau Oberdonau, the
homeland of Adolf Hitler, published by Gauleiter Eigruber in Linz.
Very rare 1931 issues of the Nazi humorous, satirical magazine Die Brennessel
or The Burning Nettle.
  Extremely anti-Semitic, superb illustrations.
TWO full years of the heavily illustrated Nazi technical trade magazine
- 1936 and 1937 BOUND
Fritz Todt
Rare Third Reich architecture and construction magazines for professional builders. 
Includes the January 1939 edition, the first Der deutsche Baumeister published.
Very rare 1941 issue of Siemens-Mitteilungen, the factory newspaper for
employees of the Berlin-Siemensstadt electronics plant of Siemens.
The December 1944 Wiener Lokomotivfabrik magazine celebrating the
75th anniversary of the locomotive manufacturing company.
7 October 1942 issue of Die Wehrmacht magazine.
20 October 1943 issue of Die Wehrmacht magazine.
Nazi eagle
Bound in-house magazines of Chemische Fabrik von Heyden of
Radebeul-Dresden 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942.
Nazi swastika
An assortment of 1938 illustrated Nazi news magazines called Rundpost.
Nazi eagle
Three illustrated in-house magazines from the Vienna power company.