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This rare 1941 Nazi Generalgouvernement publication DIE BURG is
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Die Burg, 1941 KRAKAU
Institut für deutsche Ostarbeit in Krakau Generalgouvernement
Referent für Judenforschung an der Sektion für Rassenforschung Krakau
Anything at all published by or for the Nazi Institut für deutsche Ostarbeit in Krakau Generalgouvernement must be considered very rare in the 21st century. Little of it has survived. The institute was a unit of the Körperschaft des Öffentlichen Rechts or the State Authority for Official Legislation in the Generalgouvernement and had as its business the incorporation and Germanization of people, lands and institutions which had given up some of their German-ness while under Polish control after World War I.
Germanization of Poland
This publication DIE BURG came out quarterly and covered everything from art and population to traffic and roads in what had for about 20 years been Poland. Naturally, at the end of World War II any copy of this publication was considered a perfect heresy and most were destroyed when this part of Germany was returned to Poland forever.
germanic art in Poland
There are several full-page, full-color photographs, many duotone photographs and three large fold-out charts in this 8-1/4 x 12 inch, 108 page quarterly issue of the magazine for the last quarter of 1941. Nice condition, except for small holes in the front cover.
art in the
Die Burg 1941



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