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Eckart Ratgeber
Adolf Hitler, from soldier to Reichskanzler
Eckart Ratgeber
Ratgeben in German means giving advise. This 9-1/2 x 13-1/2, 8 page example of Eckart Ratgeber was published as a sample, to entice readers to subscribe to the larger magazine Der getreue Eckart that came out twice per month in Vienna when the Nazi Party was still illegal in Austria.
Benito Mussolini
The main article in this undated Eckart Ratgeber is called "Success for Everybody". It uses Franklin Roosevelt as an example that his handicap did not stand in the way of becoming President of the United States, and the overall message is clearly that it is up to every individual to figure out what he or she wants out of life and to make it happen. Making a plan, sticking to it, leading a healthy life, etc.
Il Duce, benito Mussolini is called a man who knows what he wants, and Hitler's confidence in himself and his vision made it possible to go from soldier to Reichschancellor!

Inside the front cover is a request to readers, to REALLY pay attention to the text in this magazine and let it sink in, not just look at the pictures.
For readers who like the practical information in this Eckart Ratgeber, there are subscription possibilities with cost.

Very good used condition, was once folded through the middle.

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