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Unser E-Werk
Nazi eagle and swastika
KdF Wagen
Quite naturally, a large public enterprise like the electric power company of Greater Germany’s second largest city, had a lot of employees. Those employees received a monthly magazine during the Third Reich to keep them informed about the company and about each other.

The three issues of the 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inch well-illustrated publication Unser E-Werk (Our Electricity Company) are the 16 page issue for March 1940 featuring Adolf Hitler shaking hands with the Mayor of Wien on the cover, the 12 page issue for May 1940 with a picture of the big Nazi eagle and Hitler bust in the power company display at the Vienna Exhibition on the cover, and the 4 page July - December 1944 issue of the Honor Tablet of Fallen Comrades, company employees killed in the war as well as children born to employees.

Interesting articles in these magazines include a biography of Hitler, one on celebrating the birthday of the Führer, the National Day of Labor, news from employees at the front, more photographs of the Honor Hall at the Wiener Messe. The Ehrentafel is a little beat-up, but the two magazines are in very good condition.

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