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Deutsche Plastik Unserer Zeit
It is in very good condition except for a repair with brown paper tape at the joint where the front end paper attaches to the front cover.    GUARANTEED to be absolutely authentic historical Third Reich material nearly 70 years old.
This Nazi sculpture 3D photo book is
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Raumbild-Verlag Otto Schönstein book
Albert Speer bust
Recently purchased in Germany, this is an excellent example of the very scarce Raumbild-Verlag Otto Schönstein book Deutsche Plastik Unserer Zeit (German Sculpture of Our Time) by Kurt Lothar Tank.  This 120-page, 8 x 11-1/2 inch hardcover book was published in München (Munich) in 1942 at the direction of Nazi Ministerialrat Wilfrid Bade with an introduction by Reichsminister Professor Albert Speer.

Raumbild Verlag (Three Dimensional Picture Publishers) books were unique in that they contained photographic stereo-view cards and a fold-up metal optical device with which the cards could be viewed. If you are not familiar with this Nazi three-dimensional book, you need to know that it consists of a well-written text by Kurt Tank on the subject of Third Reich sculpture and art.
Hitler bust
Reichschancellery Berlin
Kurt Schmid-Ehmen eagles
Nazi nudes
There are eight full-page photos in the text that depict nudes, horses and portraits of the renowned Third Reich sculptors Georg Kolbe, Arno Breker, Josef Thorak and Adolf Wamper at work in their studios.
The special covers of this album are about 1/2-inch thick and are die-cut with cavities that hold 135 special 3-D stereo photographs (real photographs - NOT halftone prints) and the metal viewer with glass lenses that is set up to view the photographs.
The 135 stereo photos each measure 2-3/8 x 5 inches and have a full description of the subject printed on the back. When seen in the viewer each picture is incredibly three-dimensional, almost as if the scene was being viewed in real life.
We know of no other way for a history buff to observe a three-dimensional view of the entry door in the Ehrenhof of the Reichschancellery in Berlin, or one of the enormous Kurt Schmid-Ehmen eagles on the Reichs Party Days Grounds in Nürnberg (left).
Naturally, the subject of Third Reich sculpture covers a wide range. Among the 135 three-dimensional views are female nudes, human busts of important figures like Adolf Hitler, Albert Speer, Professor Dornier, Von Moltke, Gauleiter Wagner, Richard Wagner, male nudes, military figures and eagles, horses, tigers, as well as monumental figures created to decorate facilities of the Luftwaffe, Reichsautobahn, Wehrmacht, Reichsbank, Hermann Göring’s Luftwaffe Ministerium, Hitler’s Berlin Reichschancellery, (several views, one shown left), Radio Deutschland, Ordensburgen of the NSDAP, the Feldherrnhalle, Reichsparteitaggelände (State Party Day Grounds) in Nürnberg, the Berlin Olympic Stadium, etc. Many of the 3-D photographs were taken at the House of German Art in München.

Sculptor Ferdinand Liebermann
Nazi nudes
This very rare book is hardbound in green imitation pig skin with silver blocking on the covers and the spine. It is complete with all pictures and the original metal viewer. All 135 pictures are in very nice condition without fading, cracking, browning or problems often encountered with these photographic images.