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Adolf Hitler busts
This Nazi desk-size bust of Adolf Hitler on a marble plinth is
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Hitler bust by W. Zoll
Adolf Hitler bust by well-known German sculptor W. Zoll
Hitler bust
well-known German sculptor W. Zoll
This is a superb likeness of Nazi Party Führer and 23rd Chancellor of the country of Germany, Adolf Hitler in the form of a hollow metal bust mounted to a heavy block of greenish marble. We purchased it many years ago out of the bottom drawer of a large cabinet in the town of Mödling, Austria from a woman who acted as if she was in the middle of an opium transaction. She knew she did not want to be caught with a bust of Hitler but on the other hand she knew it was valuable and wanted as much as she could get for it!
Adolf Hitler
bronzed metal Hitler bust
The hollow metal bust is 15 centimeter (about 6 inches) tall and about 4-3/8 inches from the nose to the back of the head. Hitler's neck is attached to a heavy marble plinth. The whole thing weighs 2.35 kg (5.2 pounds).

We absolutely guarantee this to be an original Third Reich period bronzed cast metal likeness of a somewhat stern Hitler. The signature cast into the left-back of Hitler's neck is that of well-known German sculptor W. Zoll. It is a particularly well done likeness with nicely detailed hair and realistic facial features.

All Hitler heads and busts are very difficult to find nowadays. We haven't been offered one in many years. If you are looking for an original Third Reich artist-signed bust of Hitler in very good used condition and of a size to set on a desk or bookshelf, this one would be perfect. Our pictures show that there are a few scratches on the face of the sculpture, probably from when it was hidden away in Austria after World War II.


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