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Nazi nudity book
Nude aryan girl
IMPORTANT: this is a 65+ year old book of nude human photographs. If you are offended by full-frontal or other nudity, go no farther, and do not buy it.
This is an very good example of Dein “JA” zum Leibe! (Say YES to your Body!) by author Hermann Wilke. The subtitle of the book is Sinn und Gestaltung deutscher Leibeszucht or Acceptance and Embodiment of German Breeding.
This book measures 6 x 8-1/4 inches, has 208 heavily illustrated pages and is from the third edition (21 - 30,000 impressions) published by Verlag Verlag Emil Wenitz in Berlin with a copyright date of 1939.
Nude German girl
The foreword by Prof. Dr. Walter Gross, Leiter des Rassenpolitischen Amtes der Reichsleitung der NSDAP (Leader of the Racial Political Department of the State Leadership of the NSDAP) explains that this book is a non-prudish attempt to assess the body with a view to improve ethical breeding of pure blooded Germans.
The National Socialist philosophy of life is explained throughout the book which is heavily illustrated with black & white photos of healthy nude German men, women and children, ideal pure blooded Aryans.
Nudity and nudism were both very popular in Germany during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler and nudist organizations stressed the importance of spending as much time as possible nude in the sun.
The importance of a good attitude and healthy lifestyle is explained, and how the positive connection of body, mind and soul influences productivity. Energy and productivity which was needed to make Germany great again. This example of Dein JA zum Leibe is in very good, very tight condition with a small stain on the front cover.
This 1939 Nazi nudes book is

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