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Third Reich and World War II
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LSSAH books
The Leibstandarte I, The Leibstandarte II, European Volunteers, three rare unused
1980s First Edition hardcover photo books about Waffen-SS Panzer Division 1 and 5.
Nazi Panzer books
High-quality photo books about German snipers, SS rings, the Me109, Bf110, Fw190,
Wehrmacht tanks, Nazi medals, Hitler, Heydrich, Speer - ALL priced to sell at less
than prices found on other internet sites and in book stores.
German-American Bund
The program of the mass demonstration for ”True Americanism”
held on 20 February 1939 in Madison Square Garden.
Wewelsburg Castle, A Historical and Architectural Overview
a well-researched ENGLISH LANGUAGE book on SS Order Castle Wewelsburg.
SA Stabchef Lutze
The Brown Battalions - Hitler's SA in Words and Pictures, a faithful reprint of the
original 1938 Nazi book fully translated into modern English, with all original
photographs and period graphics retained - autographed.
SS Totenkopf Ring
A well-illustrated english language book PLUS photo CD on the SS
and Heinrich Himmler's SS Order Castle at Wewelsburg.