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Third Reich and World War II
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SS Wewelsburg castle book
Far and away the best reference to the SS castle at Wewelsburg and
the collections of the SS Museum
at Wewelsburg - 5 pounds!
Der Zweite Weltkrieg im Bild
POSTWAR German books about WW2 and Hitler
A large selection of lightly used, collectible German language books published in
Germany in the late 1940s and 1950s about the Third Reich and World War II.
Hanna Reitsch

The highly acclaimed German autobiography of famous Nazi aviator Hanna Reitsch,
Fliegen Mein Leben, with many rare Nazi aviation and aircraft photographs.
Nazi flag in Linz
Fantastic photo book Bilder des Nationalsozialismus in Linz
or "Pictures of National Socialism in Linz".
Sterneckerbrau NSDAP Museum Munich
A superb modern reproduction of the very rare and historic Nazi era guidebook to the early museum in the former NSDAP Office in the Sterneckerbrau beer hall in Munich.