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1936 Olympic Stadium Berlin
Ich rufe die Jugend der Welt
Adolf Hitler portrait
official Guide Book to the Celebration of the XIth Olympiad in Berlin 1936
Reichssportfeld Berlin
Olympic flame route Greece to Germany 1936
Nazi sailplane demonstration
1936 Olympic facilities in Berlin
Program 1936 Olympic Games Berlin
1936 Olympic shooting competition
Olympic swimming stadion seating plan
1936 Olympic athletes rooms at the Olympic Village
Ich rufe die Jugend der Welt is the official Guide Book to the Celebration of the XIth Olympiad in Berlin 1936 published by the Organizing Committee of the XI.Olympiade Berlin in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Ich rufe die Jugend der Welt, or "I Call the Youth of the World" was the Olympic motto also shown on the Olympic Bell pictured on the front of this rare 6-3/8 x 7-7/8 inch, 50 page, soft cover Nazi photo publication, as well as on many 1936 Olympic medals, badges and souvenirs.
The book starts out with a short welcome by the President of the IOC and two other Olympic Officials, a full-page portrait of Chancellor Adolf Hitler, the Patron of the Olympic Games, a list of the names of the members of the Olympic Committee and the Berlin Olympic organizing Committee and a short history of the Olympic Games.
Olympic Bell - Ich rufe die Jugend der Welt
1936 Berlin Olympic Village
Then follows the schedule for the ENTIRE famous sport event from the opening of the Olympic Village on 1 July 1936, the departure of the Olympic Flame from Olympia in Greece, the audience of the Olympic Committee with the Führer before the opening ceremony on Saturday 1 August 1936, every sport event (time, location) until the closing ceremony at 6 pm on Sunday 16 August 1936. Every single sporting event is mentioned - polo, wrestling, fencing, shooting, cycling, yachting, athletics and equestrian events - with dates and times.
There is a map and overview of the Reichssportfeld or Olympic Stadium, the swimming stadium, the regatta course in Kiel, where to purchase tickets and souvenirs (posters, postcards, philatelic material, film and slides, etc.).

This 1936 English language Olympic Guide Book also contains information on special Olympic art exhibitions, music festivals, youth rallies, sport demonstrations held in Berlin during the time of the Olympics.
There is a chapter about the Olympic Village and the Press, as well as travel information for tourists coming to Berlin for the Olympics. Day trips and longer excursions in and around Reichshauptstadt Berlin, public transportation, hotels and restaurants. It is specially noted that prices would not be increased during the Summer Olympic Games!
The rare ENGLISH LANGUAGE official Guide Book to the Celebration of the XIth Olympiad in Berlin 1936 was printed in Germany by Deutscher Kunstverlag and the design was by illustrators Friedrich Böer and Ernst Graef. It is in very nice used condition with the stamp of Charles S. Roettger Amerop Travel Service Inc. of 400 Madison Avenue in New York on the front cover and title page. Both are visible in photos above.
This English language edition of the 1936 Olympic guidebook
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