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This Nazi commemorative photo book about the 1936 Berlin Olympic Village
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Das Olympische Dorf XI. Olympiade Berlin 1936
Der Jugend der Welt (The Youth of the World)
the design of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Village
1936 Berlin Summer Olympic Games
Generalfeldmarschall Blomberg
Das Olympische Dorf XI. Olympiade Berlin 1936 is a commemorative Third Reich souvenir book from the 1936 Summer Olympic Games about the Olympic Village built and run by the Wehrmacht for the 3500 male Olympic athletes. In gold blocking on the grey linen hard cover it says Der Jugend der Welt (The Youth of the World) and XI. Olympiade 1936, and the book produced by Deutscher Kunstverlag in Berlin starts with a quotation by Generalfeldmarschall Blomberg that says, "For the Competitors of the XI. Olympiade, in memory of their Stay at the Olympic Village as Guests of the German Wehrmacht".
Das Olympische Dorf
the Olympic Village built and run by the Wehrmacht for the 3500 male Olympic athletes
Olympic Village
Olympic Village reception room
The introduction explains that the idea for an Olympic Village in Berlin came during the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, where male athletes were housed in temporary buildings of marginal quality, but that more substantial facilities were needed in Berlin because of the climate. The location, 14 km away from the Olympic Stadium, was chosen so athletes would not be distracted by city influences and disturbances.
Olympic athlete bedroom
This high-quality 9 x 12 inch, 56 page Nazi era photo book explains and shows the design of the 140 athlete houses, each with 10 -12 beds, washing facilities, toilettes, living room, terrace and room for a 'Steward". All were decorated with wall paintings showing the German cities and regions the houses were named after. The Olympic Village also had its own beach, sauna, work-out facilities, reception rooms, a stage for entertainment, post office, long distance phone office, bank, five shops and a customs office. There were 40 kitchens for the 40 different dining rooms.
wall paintings showing the German cities and regions the houses were named after
Fresco of Lubeck
The large, clear black & white photos in Das Olympische Dorf XI. Olympiade Berlin 1936 give an excellent impression of this state of the art Olympic Village in Berlin. 
The pages of this rare book were all printed so that the backs are blank, and we suspect that the book was made to be given to Olympic athletes who could use the blank backs for their own photographs or for autographs of other athletes they met at the Olympic Games.
This 1936 Olympic Village book is in excellent used condition. The linen hard cover shows only minor wear and has yellowed slightly along the edges.

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