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Nazi eagle adn swastika
Nazi magazine Oberdonau, a publication of Nazi Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter August Eigruber in Linz
Das geburtshaus Adolf Hitlers
Heimatgau des Führers
Adolf Hitler painting
The very rare 9 x 12 inch Nazi bi-monthly magazine Oberdonau was a publication of Nazi Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter August Eigruber in Linz as a showcase for the display of a cross-section of culture and cultural creativity in the homeland of Adolf Hitler, Führer of Nazi Germany. The magazine took great pride in the fact that it documented Hitler's homeland, a remote and obscure piece of former Austrian borderland, to the outside world. It was published on nice quality paper and featured articles on notable historical and cultural highlights in Reichsgau Oberdonau (Gau Upper Danube), accomplishments of the people, theater, art, military accomplishments, etc.
Nazi Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter August Eigruber
The April/May 1941 issue of Oberdonau is the second issue ever published and has an unusual Weidinger painting of people waiting the appearance of Hitler on the main square in Linz. That is followed with historical pictures of places important to the youth of the man Hitler such as Leonding, Fischlham, Lambach, etc. There are articles on the fortress in Linz, artist Anton Bruckner, Ritterkreuzträger SS-Untersturmführer Ludwig Kepplinger, 800 years of music in Oberdonau, Linzer Torte, etc.
Reichswerke Hermann Göring advertising
Issue 3 of Oberdonau has a splendid photo feature on St. Florian, a color portrait of a Narvik Kämpfer from Oberdonau, the city and port of Linz, hand-made ironwork in Gau Oberdonau. There are pictures of Hitler's birth house in Braunau, Hitler and Göring at the exhibition of the products of Steyrwerk, and a beautiful ad for Steyr military vehicles. Page 27 and 28 have been torn out of this magazine and a color painting tipped on to a heavy piece of gray paper in front of page 29 has been removed.
Nazi Gauleiter Eigruber
Issue 4 of Oberdonau has a military history of Oberdonau from the very earliest days, a portrait of Ritterkreuzträger Hauptmann Viktor Schönbeck, a photo study of central squares (Adolf Hitler Platz) in many Oberdonau towns, the Reichsautobahn as it passes through the Upper Danube region, tree harvesters in the Salzkammergut, and a photo of the new statues on the Nibelungen Bridge in Linz.
Adolf Hitler Square Linz
Ritterkreuzträger SS-Untersturmführer Ludwig Kepplinger
The first issue of the second year of Oberdonau magazine is the March-May 1942 issue which begins with the Belief of the Führer and a famous portrait of Adolf Hitler by Conrad Hommel. The articles include one on the great building of the Upper Danube region, the Heimat or Homeland of the Führer, Oberdonau at war, beautiful cities along the Donau or Danube river, art in old Braunau, etc.
Reichsautobahn in Gau Oberdonau
HJ Trommler Braunau am Inn
Issue 2 of 1942 has articles on the Totesgebirge, Hans Reinthaler, new school buildings in Reichsgau Oberdonau, fishermen in the Salzkammergut, ladies handwork in the Salzkammergut, new Ritterkreuzträger from Oberdonau, and a visit by Nazi Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter Eigruber to the Hitler birth house in Braunau on 20 April, Hitler's birthday.
Ritterkreuzträger from Oberdonau
Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
Issue 3 of 1942 has articles about the mountain lakes of Oberdonau and the protection of nature, chapels, the art of artist Sepp Mayrhuber with an example of one of his beautiful stain glass windows and two of his frescos in Holland, a picture of Gauleiter August Eigruber speaking from a balcony in Wels, and the announcement of the death of Sturzkampfgeschwader Group Commander and Oak Leaves of the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross winner Hans Zemsky, etc.
Issue 4, the last issue of 1942 covers the period December 1942 - February 1943 and might be the lasy issue of Oberdonau printed. We have never seen a later one. It contains articles about artist Adelbert Stifter, the Face of Aryan Children, coziness as a mirror of the time, old and new monuments in Linz. There are pictures of Arno Breker's "The Wounded", Rümelin's bust of Hermann Göring, and several photos ofrom the battle of Stalingrad. Nice advertising, including ads for Steyr military vehicles, Zipfer Beer, and Reichswerke Hermann Göring.

Any issue of the Nazi magazine Oberdonau is very rare and much of the content concerning the Homeland of Nazi Führer and German Chancellor Adolf Hitler can not be found elsewhere. This lot contains all Oberdonau magazines for the first two years with the exception of Issue 1.
Steyr war production
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