Also for sale on, a Nazi work ID of an Italian worker in Linz, and a very rare illustrated 1943 publication for evacuees from the Rhineland to the Linz area.

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Bilder des Nationalsozialismus in Linz
Nazi eagle and swastika
Nazi swastika banners
Hitler and the SS
This is an excellent used example of the rare photo book Bilder des Nationalsozialismus in Linz or "Pictures of National Socialism in Linz" as published by the Archive of the City of Linz in 1997 as a history of Nazi times in Linz, Austria.
Architectural model of Linz
With the Anschluss in the spring of 1938 all of Austria became a part of Hitler's Greater Germany. Few cities in Austria more heartily embraced Nazism than Linz did. Hitler's childhood home was just outside the city boundary and he had lived in Linz with his mother as a teenager, before he moved to Wien (Vienna).

In April 1938 the city welcomed the German Army and the German Administration of many of the country's institutions. There was already an active SS and Nazi Party and Linz became the most important city of Reichsgau Oberdonau. The Nazis spent heavily on Linz, establishing the industrial Hermann Göring Works on the east side, and redeveloping the center which was to become a great art repository for all of Germany.
Die Heimat des Fuehrers
This amazing 8-1/2 x 12 inch, 20 page hard cover book documents Hitler's involvement in Linz through the City Register at a time when the Hitler name was still spelled Hietler through period of Nazi agitation before the Anschluss. Its focus then becomes the planning and reconstruction to make Linz the art capital of Greater Germany, the Jews in Linz at the time the Nazis came to power, the killing of undesirable people at Niederhart-Linz and nearby Mauthausen Concentration Camp, the importation of foreign workers (mostly from Italy), and the overwhelming might of the Nazi Government.
Nazi election posters
Konzentrationslager Mauthausen
Nazi Festschmuck
The books sums up the period with the announcement of the death of Adolf Hitler and the occupation of Linz by American troops under General Patton. A spectacular photo essay on the Nazi years in a large German city. Very hard to find, in excellent condition.
SS and WHW donation
General George Patton in Linz home page
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