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Aus Adolf Hitlers Heimat
Braunau am Inn
SA Sturm 9 Linz in Leonding
Johann Philipp Palm grave in Braunau
Hitler's parents grave Leonding
Nazi Party Publishing House on Tierschstrasse in Munich
The last two pictures in the book are full-page photos of the Nazi Party Braunes Haus and the exterior of the Nazi Party Publishing House on Tierschstrasse in Munich. With original dust jacket, in near perfect condition. Most advanced collectors of Nazi books have never seen Aus Adolf Hitlers Heimat!
This rare 1938 Nazi hand-bound book on the Hitler Heimat is offered for
sale for $45.00 delivered by Media Mail in the continental USA.
USM book #315a
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This is an excellent example of the very rare Hitler photo book Aus Adolf Hitlers Heimat (From Adolf Hitler's Homeland) by artist Albert Reich as published by Verlag Franz Eher Nachfolger (the Nazi Party Central Publishing House) in Munich in 1933.
It is a 6-¼ x 9 inches, 128 page soft cover book that set the style for subsequent Nazi subject photo documentary books like those published by Heinrich Hoffmann. This is a Second Edition of Aus Adolf Hitlers Heimat in superb condition - it looks like it was read only once!
Following a brief introduction, a short text introduced the reader to the background of the Hitler and Poelzl families in the Waldviertel area south of Gmünd along the northern border of Austria. A rare map shows the area around Weitra, Spital, Walterschlag, Zwettel, Strones, and Döllersheim. A second rare map depicts the Inn or Hausruck area along the German border between Salzburg and Passau, the area where Adolf Hitler was born. A two-page family tree of the Hitler-Hiedler and Poelzl families traces both back to the 1600s and 1700s.
There are full-page photographs with excellent captions of almost any site, building or monument in the area where Hitler and his family originated, that could be directly connected to Hitler and his childhood. These include the Stift in Lambach, the houses in which the Hitler family lived, old friends of the Hitler family, the Leonding cemetery where Alois and Klara Hitler were buried (shown in the photo above and below), Hitler family portraits, and even a picture of Adolf Hitler's mother's sister.
Der Ahnengau des Fuehrers - die schoenste Gegend der Erde
This is a fine example of the beautifully printed and hand bound sketch of Der Ahnengau des Führers - die schönste Gegend der Erde (The Ancestral Homeland of the Führer - the Most Beautiful Area on Earth) by Robert Hammerling as published by Wiener Bibliophilen Geselschaft in Vienna in 1938.

With a text printed in two colors this hand bound softcover book presents a classic description of the area adjacent to the Donau in which the families of Adolf Hitler’s father and mother had lived and died for generations. It was printed for Austrian book lovers very shortly after the reunification of Austria and Hitler’s Germany, in June 1938.

A very rare book on the subject.

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This rare 1933 Nazi book Aus Adolf Hitlers Heimat is **SOLD**.
USM book #315
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