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1938 DDAC Weinkrug
A fine selection of the superb obersized automotive magazine Motor Schau from
1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 and the last issue from 1944.
KdF Wagen
Special Nazi automotive Deutsche Reichspost postage stamps canceled at
the International Automobile & Motorcycle Exhibition in Berlin in 1939.
RAB 1000 km
Rare original 1936 Nazi freeway plaque commemorating the completion of the first
1000 kilometers (660 miles) of Hitler's Reichsautobahn, on leather covered easel.
Zu den Palmen Libyens
Great 1938 Nazi photo book showing a trip in a large, open Mercedes-Benz car across Italy via Florence, Rome and Sicily to Libya in North Africa and the Grand Prix of Tripolis.
Standard 1938 Kraftfahrer-Taschenbuch
A heavily illustrated unused Standard Oil 1938 Kraftfahrer-Taschenbuch, an almanac-style pocket book or glovebox book for motorists full of driving and maintenance tips.
KdF Wagen, VW
Das Autobuch für den Pimpfen, a rare heavily illustrated 1943 automotive book for
Hitler Youth boys with over 150 illustrations and a big colorful fold-out chart.
The superbly illustrated NSKK Fibel or NSKK Traffic Education book from 1938.
KdF Wagen
Grossdeutscher Verkehr
Grossdeutscher Verkehr, a heavily illustrated Nazi magazine covering
train, bus, air, steamship, truck and car traffic in Nazi Germany.
NSKK manual 1943
Ford Köln
Very rare Third Reich 16-cell transparency brochure for the new
Ford V8 motor produced for Ford-Werk AG in Köln am Rhein
Kamerad Kraftwagen
Kamerad Kraftwagen or "Comrade Truck"
heavily illustrated 1943 German Ford Cologne truck book
- extremely rare!
1942 OKH manual
Original illustrated winter handbook for motorized Nazi troops on
the East Front published by the Oberkommando des Heeres in August 1942.
MOTOR und SPORT - heavily illustrated magazines with articles about the U-Boot, motorized Wehrmacht troops, military blackout lights, motorcycle seats, Russian aircraft, etc.
Three rare original NSKK Deutsche Kraftfahrt magazines with SUPERB photo content:
1935 Nazi Party Days, Dedication of the Nazi Honor Temples in Munich, etc.
Nazi motorcycle
A set of four 1943 dated heavily illustrated technical and traffic books
for Third Reich driving school students.  In original case.
Rare color advertising by Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum Gesellschaft or
German-American Gasoline Company
for their special winter motor oil.