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Ford V8 Motor
Ford V8 Motor Transart cells
Transart-Darstellung des Ford V8 Motors
Ford V8 Motor

This is a very rare piece of Ford Motor Company automotive literature that was produced for high-level distribution at the Berlin Auto Show and elsewhere to explain the Ford V8 motor and the secrets of its inner workings. We have seen and sold a similar brochure for the Volkswagen or KdF Car, but we have never before seen the brochure for the Ford V8 motor.

transparent plastic film cell 9 Ford V8 motor
Ford V8 Motor Transart AG
Those interested in Third Reich history are usually aware that Ford Motor Company of the United States had an independent, free-standing subsidiary company in Köln (Cologne in English), Germany along the Rhine river. The company was there before the Nazis came to power and is still there today. Hysterical anti-Ford people with no knowledge of history have tried to make a great issue of the fact that Ford stayed in business during the entire period of the Third Reich, when in fact they had no choice but to do so, just as German owned companies like Bayer (a subsidiary of IG Farben) continued to produce products in the USA during World War II.
1939 Ford V8 Motor
Ford V8 Motor  transparencies
Ford V8 Motor brochure
Wehrmacht Ford truck during World War II
Ford-Werk AG in Köln am Rhein
Ford staff car with SS markings
1941 Ford used by the Wehrmacht
The rare 8-¼ x 11-¾ inch full-color Ford V8 Motor brochure we offer here was the work of Thomas Abeking at TRANSART-DARSTELLUNG AG of Berlin so that Ford in Köln could promote the radically new (in Germany and Europe) V8 motor available in their cars and trucks.
Cell brochures like this one were the specialty of TRANSART, and the cells in this book are very similar to cartoon animation cells. That is, each pair of cells (1 and 2 for example) are printed back-to-back in perfect register on clear, transparent plastic film. When you open this booklet to page 1, you see the entire Ford V8 motor and its transmission with the near features such as the head, distributor, air cleaner, generator and fan in sharp focus. Turning the cell to number 2 you see only the inside of those same parts of the engine (the head, distributor, air cleaner, generator and fan) and on the cell on the opposite page you see the reverse side of the inner workings of those parts.
And so it goes through all 16 original cells until you see the back side of the transmission, clutch pedal and exhaust manifold on the left hand side of the motor.

While this technique is relatively common today, but still expensive, it was unheard of when the process was new in the late 1930s. It was sensational, and its use by Ford shows how advanced their marketing was at Ford Köln.
The front and back covers of this rare Ford V8 Motor brochure are somewhat dirty from having survived the last 75 years of war and peace in an automotive establishment somewhere in Germany. All 16 of the cells are in very good, bright, original condition.

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This rare Nazi book of bound transparencies of the FORD V8 MOTOR
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