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Kampf im Osten
Nazi eagle and swastika
Nazi armored vehicles
III. Reich Wehrmacht Tagesbefehl
Wehrmacht signs in Russia
This is a very rare Third Reich photographic folio measuring 9 x 11-1/2 inches on the cover of which is a Nazi eagle with a spinning swastika slicing through a red star above the words KAMPF IM OSTEN (Battle in the East).
Nazi cavalry
Dead Ruski
The contents of this original Nazi folio consists of four Tagesbefehl over the signatures of Generalfeldmarschall von Brauschitsch, Generalfeldmarschall von Bock, Generaloberst Strauss,and General der Flieger Bogatsch, as well as a Hitler quotation and twelve sheets of photographic paper. Nine of the sheets of photographic paper each have about a dozen actual photographs from the campaign in the summer and fall of 1941.

While it was very hard fought, the battles near Wjasma and Brjansk were also extremely successful for the Wehrmacht. They destroyed eight Russian armies consisting of 73 Infantry and Cavalry Divisions, 13 Panzer Divisions and Brigades, etc. The Germans captured over 673,000 Russian prisoners, destroyed almost 1300 Russian tanks, almost 5000 field guns and uncountable tons of military equipment.
Russian partisans
Dead Russian partisans
The photographs are remarkable in their clarity and content. We have cropped out and enlarged several so that a general idea of what they cover may be gotten. There is every kind of captured and destroyed Russian equipment, German soldiers involved in very difficult campaigns in the worst possible terrain and weather, the cities and towns of a very backward country, signs warning German soldiers of the activities of Russian partisans and dead Russian partisans recently hung by German forces.
Wehrmacht troops
dead horse
This is the sort of material that was treasured by the German survivors of the campaigns in the Soviet Union, most of which was quickly destroyed when the war ended with German defeat in 1945. Very rare and in very good original condition.
Hitler quote
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