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Artillerie im Osten
This is by far the best photographic history of artillery units of the German Wehrmacht on the eastern front in the Soviet Union during World War II.
Nazi tanks
Nazi railway gun
The big 6-1/4 x 9 inch, 304 page, very heavily illustrated hardcover book is ARTILLERIE IM OSTEN (Artillery in the East) by Oberleutnant Eugen Beinhauer as published by Wilhelm Limpert Verlag in Berlin, Germany in 1944.

Following a foreword by Artillery General Brand, this book shows and explains the mission of all sorts of artillery employed on the east front by the German Armed Forces from 1941 onward.

The extremely dangerous activities of artillery observers are covered as are those of the Panzerartillerie, Signal Corps troops, teamsters and truck drivers, pilot observers, canoneers, crews of giant mortars, crews of railway siege guns, Gebirgsjäger, pack howitzer crews, “Thor” mortar crews, etc.
Wehrmacht in Soviet Union
Heroes of the artillery decorated with the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross and other Nazi medals are shown as are the men of the anti-tank Sturmgeschützen. Flak or anti-aircraft artillery is also given plenty of coverage as are units of coastal artillery in Crimea (Krim), and even the Balloon Observation Corps, surveyors, map makers and similar personnel.

Incredible photographic material in very good condition.

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