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Der Führer in Wien - Hitler back in Vienna
Die nationalsozialistische Revolution in Wien (The National Socialist Revolution in Vienna)
1938 Wehrmacht enters Austria
Adolf Hitler
This is a very nice example of the rare photo documentary book Die nationalsozialistische Revolution in Wien (The National Socialist Revolution in Vienna) that took place between 11 March and 10 April 1938 as published by Presstelle der Stadt Wien in 1938.
Nazi Police
Nazi dignitaries
Following an introduction from the Mayor of Vienna, SA-Brigadeführer Dr.Ing. Hermann Neubacher, the 7-1/2 x 10 inch, 96 page book gets right down to business depicting every important aspect of the overthrow of the existing government in Austria and the installation of a purely Nazi government not only in Vienna, but in the entire country of Austria.
SA Standarte Feldherrnhalle, SS Standarte 1, SS Standarte 3
Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer
Long a hotbed if Nazi sympathizers and anti-Semitism, Austria welcomed their reunification with Hitler's Germany with open arms. The book covers Hitler's triumphant entry into Austria that culminated with a giant military parade on the Heldenplatz in central Vienna.

All the dignitaries are shown from Dr. Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, Luftwaffe General Erhard Milch, Gauleiter Josef Bürckel, General Fedor von Bock, Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Göring, Dr. Goebbels, Dr. Fritz Todt, Rudolf Hess, Reichsportfürher Hans von Tschammer und Osten, Reichsfrauenführerin Gertrud Scholz-Klink, Nazi Police General Kurt Daluege, Hitler Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach, Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg, Reichsstatthalter General von Epp, Stabschef der SA Viktor Lutze, etc., and even parade units of the SA Standarte Feldherrnhalle, SS Standarte 1, SS Standarte 3, the BdM, the HJ, etc., etc.
In the plebiscite held on 10 April 1938, 99.4% of the people of Vienna voted YES for reunification with Hitler's Nazi Germany.
This original edition of Die nationalsozialistische Revolution in Wien is complete and in very good used condition. The dust jacket is a professional laser photo copy from an original in our archive.
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