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Hitler in Italien, 1938 Hoffmann BIldband
A nice First Edition of the 1938 Hoffmann photo book about Adolf Hitler's
historic state visit to Benito Mussolini's Fascist Italy, Hitler in Italien.
Berlin photo book 1936 Heinrich Hoffmann
The Hoffmann photo book BERLIN which was intended to give visitors to the 1936
Summer Olympics an overview of the capital of Nazi Germany - in 4 languages.
Hitler in seinen Bergen
A very nice First Edition of the Hoffmann bestseller Hitler in seinen Bergen
with its original Third Reich dust jacket.
Heinrich Hoffmann photo books catalog
Bilddokumente vom Führer,  a genuine Third Reich Heinrich Hoffmann
advertising catalog for five different Adolf Hitler photo books.
Hitler in Paris
Mit Hitler im Westen covers the 1940 Wehrmacht invasion of Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.  TWO First Editions: a DELUXE hardcover and a softcover.
Dr. Robert Ley
Original 1940 Hoffmann photo book about Dr. Ley, Reichsorganisationsleiter and DAF
, the man who constructed the Ordensburgen, made the Volkswagen and
developed countless building projects throughout the Greater German Reich
Für Hitler bis Narvik
Für Hitler bis Narvik, a 1st Edition 1941 Heinrich Hoffmann book with 130 photos about the German battle in Norway to subdue British Occupation Forces - with original dust jacket.
Hitler baut Grossdeutschland (Hitler Constructs Greater Germany), photos
of Hitler and many Nazi dignitaries between Vienna and Königsberg.
Hitler wie ihn keiner kennt, Hoffmann Bildband
TWO original Third Reich editions of Hitler wie ihn keiner kennt, the Hoffmann photo
book that introduced Hitler to the German people as a hard worker, a non-smoker
and teetotaler - a popular man of the people with a vision for the future.
Hitler Polen
The superb Hoffmann photo book covering the victorious Werhrmacht invasion of Poland in the fall of 1939 - lots of close-ups of Hitler, his Generals, Himmler, Sepp Dietrich, etc.
Hitler Heimatland
Hitler holt die Saar heim
Hitler in Prag
Sudetenland 1938
Mussolini erlebt Deutschland
Hitler Youth, HJ
1937 Paris Expo
Reichsparteitag 1938