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IN 1941

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By late 1941 things were not going well for Germany in the war on any front and a great deal of effort was expended at the highest levels to try to effect soldierly moral in a positive way. Soldatengeist - eine Deutung aus Bekenntnissen der Front (Soldierly Spirit - an Interpretation of Frontline Commitment) was published in 1941 by the SS publishing house Nibelungen-Verlag in Berlin and begins with a paragraph of wisdom over the signature of the Reichsführer-SS himself, Heinrich Himmler.

The 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches, 158 page book then relates many impressions of combat as written down by frontline veterans. The inspirational vignettes are accompanied by eight erie Paul Weber line drawings featuring visions from the combat memoirs.

This Nibelungen Verlag book is in near-new condition.  Tight binding, no odor.