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SS Totenkopf cap
SS men
Germanische Gemeinschaft
SS collar tab
LSSAH at the Reichskanzlei in Berlin
This is a very nice example of the big 9-3/4 x 12-5/8 inch, 64 page coffee table book Germanische Gemeinschaft (The Germanic Community) by Dr. Franz Riedweg and Dr. Walter Faltz as published by the SS Publishing House Nibelungen Verlag in Berlin in 1941. This was one of the last very high quality publications of Nibelungen Verlag and was very carefully put together from unusually effective SS photos and printed on fine coated paper.
Aryan girls
Nazi eagle and swastika on the Feldherrnhalle Monument in Munich
SS guard
Aryan Germans - deutschbluetig
The old German antique dealer from whom we bought this book described it in a very sincere manner as, "a book of beautiful people!" The picture on the front cover of Germanische Gemeinschaft is of a Flemish SS volunteer and sets the tone for the rest of the book. Interspersed with photos of very serious looking SS men, their children and their ancestors are the words of the Führer, Adolf Hitler, and other quotable Germans.
SS men
Among those besides Hitler to be quoted in the book are Friedrich the Great, Herybert Menzel, Irmgard Grosch, Walter Flex, Thilo Scheller, Heinrich Lerch and Friedrich Nitzsche. Aside from the SS photos there are photos by Erna Lendvai-Dircksen, F.F. Bauer, Dr. Paul Wolff and Hans Huppmann.
HJ Hitlerjugend
There truly are many photos in this book of "beautiful people" of the desired aryan genetics. The subject matter in brief essays and quotations ranges from Politisches Soldatentum - Meine Ehre heisst Treue (Political Soldiering - My Honor is Loyalty), Germanische Erbe (The German Inheritance), Rasse und Auslese (Race and Selection), Werk und Arbeit (Accomplishment and Labor), Sippe und Herd (Family and Home), Treue und Ehre (Loyalty and Honor), Rasse und Universalismus (Race and Universality), etc.
SS troops
racially desirable German children
On the inside of the back cover is a fulllist of credits for both the photographs and quotations used in this extremely rare SS publication.
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