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Adolf Hitler
SS Hauptsturmführer Felix Albrecht
Braunau am Inn and Hitler parents
Hitler Putsch
This a very nice example of the very scarce 9 x 12 inch 96-page Heinrich Hoffmann photo documentary book Wie die Ostmark ihre Befreiung erlebte (How Austria Experienced its Liberation) as published in 1939. The sub-title is Adolf Hitler und sein Weg zu Grossdeutschland or “Adolf Hitler and his Route to Greater Germany”.

Heavily decorated with about 20 superb pen-and-ink illustrations and borders (some anti-Semitic) by SS Hauptsturmführer Felix Albrecht, there are over 230 different 2 x 2-1/2 inch photo-like cards pasted into the text as well as five full-page photos.
Nazi Party dignitaries
Like no other book before or since, this volume provides photos of the houses, apartments and schools lived in and/or attended by Adolf Hitler and his relatives, from Upper Austria to Wien (Vienna) to München (Munich) and beyond. There are photos of Hitler family homes in Strones, Braunau, Passau, Hafeld, Lambach and Leonding; Hitler’s schools in Fischlham, Lambach, Leonding, Linz and Steyer and of Hitler’s apartments in Wien and München.
Nazi eagle and swastika
Hitler and Mussolini
There are photos of Adolf Hitler in the army, during the early days of the NSDAP, and in prison at Landsberg am Lech. The story of the electioneering and political success of the Nazi Party is covered in photos and text as are the events during the freeing of the Saar, visiting Benito Mussolini and of course, Austrian reunification with Germany (Der Anschluss).
Nazi street battles
The book ends with a comprehensive text and dozens of photos of the notable successes and accomplishments of the Third Reich up until just prior to World War II. These include: the Reichsautobahn, the House of German Art in München, the Führerbau and Ehrentempel in München, the New Reichschancellery in Berlin, the Reichs Party Day in Nürnberg, the Westwall, the Berghof on the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden, etc., etc.
This rare "Hitler's Road to Greater Germany" cigarette card book is complete with all the original Third Reich Austria Tabakwerke photo cards in place.  It is in very good condition.
This complete 1939 Hoffmann photo collector card book is offered for sale
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Wie die Ostmark ihre Befreiung erlebte, Adolf Hitler und sein Weg zu Grossdeutschland


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