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This rare Nazi magazine Führer, wir danken Dir!..... is offered for sale
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Nazi architecture
Führer, wir danken Dir!....  (Führer, we thank you!...)
Adolf Hitler’s first triumphant visit to his homeland on 13 March 1938
the German Wehrmacht
Vote YES for Hitler

This is a very fine, very large (10-3/4 x 14-1/2 inch), very heavily illustrated 16 page magazine-style publication from 1938 that presents many of the accomplishments of Führer Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany in the most positive manner. The country is seen as revitalized, busy and working. There are only healthy, happy faces and Nazis in uniform are depicted as the force behind the reconstruction.

The big magazine is called Führer, wir danken Dir!.... (Führer, we thank you!...) and it is crammed with pictures of Adolf Hitler's accomplishments such as the LZ129 Zeppelin Hindenburg, the Reichsautobahn, huge airplanes, fast trains, Nazi architecture, the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Ordensburg Vogelsang, KdF holidays, Nazi charity organizations (WHW, NSV), a powerful military and the return of the Saarland to Germany.
There are also pictures of Adolf Hitler's first triumphant visit to his homeland on 13 March 1938 (above).
As it says on the back cover, "The Führer did all that for you! Now all voters should do their duty on 10 April and vote YES!" (for reunification with Adolf Hitler's Germany).

This Nazi election propaganda was printed in preparation for the plebiscite in Austria in the spring of 1938. It must have helped as 97% of voters voted for the Anschluss with Nazi Germany.

The great majority of these were thrown away when World War II ended and Austria became "the first victim of Nazism". 

A very historic piece of 75+ year old Nazi election material in fine used condition.  Was folded through the middle by a previous owner.


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