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Judenverfolgung - Persecution of Jews
Der gelbe Stern - der Judenverfolgung in Europe 1933 bis 1945
CAUTION: this is extremely explicit material. If you are troubled in the slightest by viewing graphic pictures of the victims of the Nazi concentration camp system during the Third Reich, please go no further. Return to the previous web page.
Nazi concentration camp
This is a very good example of the rare 8-3/8 x 10 inch, very, very heavily illustrated 224 page hard cover book Der gelbe Stern - der Judenverfolgung in Europa 1933 bis 1945 (The Yellow Star - The Persecution of European Jews, 1933 - 1945) by Gerhard Schoenberner as published by Rütten & Loening Verlag in Hamburg in 1960.
Nazi KZ system Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
Jewish boy
The decades since 1960 when this book was published have changed the entire concept of how photo documents are made. None of the books on the concentration camp system published today would even consider showing the sort of pictures of death and destruction that fill this book.
Nazi round-up of Jews
swastika armbands
Der gelbe Stern contains 196 of the most gruesome and heart wrenching photographs ever committed to film. Beginning with the election to power of the Nazis in Germany, the book shows the economic and social isolation of not only Jews, but those who did business with or affiliated with Jews.
Concentration camp victims
It contains large full-page photographs of Nazis picketing Jewish businesses, a woman required to wear a sign saying that she was the “biggest pig in the district” because she was the girlfriend of a Jew (shown right).
Kauft nicht bei Juden
It only gets more graphic. There are many photos of the rounding up of Jews in the East, Jewish ghettoes, the murder of Jews, Jewish Kennkarte or identity cards, the concentration camps like Auschwitz and Buchenwald, crematoria ovens and piles of emaciated bodies, etc., etc.
KZ inmates
The end of the book shows the most gruesome photos of all - the unbelievable carnage that American and British soldiers had to deal with when they liberated the disease ridden Konzentrationslager in 1945.

Buyer will receive a hardcover example of Der gelbe Stern in very good condition without the original dust jacket shown in the photo at the top of this web page.
This Nazi persecution of Jews photo book is **SOLD**.
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USM book #470

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