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IN 1978
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This is a rare 30 year old 8-5/8 x 9-3/8 inch, 230 page very, very heavily illustrated soft cover book CONCENTRATION CAMP DACHAU 1933 - 1945 as published in English in 1978 by the Comité International de Dachau in Brussels for the museum at the camp in the town of Dachau, north of München (Munich), Germany.
Nazi concentration camp prisoners
This book is the final word on the origins and construction of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler’s first and most important Konzentrationslager (KL or Concentration Camp) and mother camp of all subsequent concentration camps, the one at Dachau.
KZ corpses
In hundreds of pictures this superb history covers the Nazi rise to power and their decision to establish a concentration camp system to house criminals, political prisoners and communists that they intended to remove from German society as necessary. There are plans of the camp and reproductions of early newspaper articles about the camp and its prisoners, with all text translated into excellent readable English.
SS medical experiments
Nazi KZ ovens
There are pictures of arrest and protective custody forms, an index of distinguishing symbols worn by the camp prisoners, and official correspondence regarding the concentration camp inmates and their duties. Since concentration camps were run as profit making institutions for the SS, there is a comprehensive explanation of the SS-Wirtschafts Verwaltungshauptamt or SS Head Office for Economic Organization.
There is even a list of SS careers which began at Konzentrationslager Dachau (Theodor Eicke, Adolf Eichmann, Rudolf Höss, Josef Kramer, etc.).
Arbeit macht frei
There are chapter devoted to punishment and prisoner correspondence and the persecution of Jews.

One of the most interesting lists is one which details the profitability and the numbers of prisoners which were “rented out” to many commercial contractors such as Allach, Junkers Aircraft, Messerschmitt Aircraft, Heinkel Aircraft, Siemens, Zeppelin, FAMO, BMW, Dornier Aircraft, etc.

Der Stuermer
There are photos showing the armament factory inside of Dachau, prisoners working in the quarries at Mauthausen, and the “invalid” transports to Hartheim Castle near Linz. One chapter deals with mass executions, another with the establishment of SS Doctor Rascher’s high pressure and cold water medical experiments on camp inmates and yet another chapter deals with “Baracke X”, the crematorium in the corner of KL Dachau.
All in all, this is a very gruesome study of a very gruesome subject, but one which can be relied upon to present the truth since all members of the Comité International de Dachau were former prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp. Very good condition. Library stamp on the front end paper.
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