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Dachau - Arbeit macht frei
Prisoners at all Nazi concentration camps in German territory were allowed to send and receive mail on a limited basis. The mail inmates sent out from a Konzentrationslager was sent on special preprinted stationary and was always censored by the Postzensurstelle to make sure that the prisoner did not complain or provide outsiders with sensitive information about concentration camp industries, security or conditions in general. Examples of all such mail are very rare today.
Konzentrationslager Dachau
1944 Dachau concentration camp mail
This is an absolutely genuine 4-panel piece of Konzentrationslager Dachau stationary with a letter from and mailed by a Dachau Concentration Camp inmate.

On 10 December 1944, Henri Funk, prisoner number 27129 of Block 14/1, wrote this letter in German to his mother in Prague (Prag in German, Praha in Czech) on Konzentrationslager Dachau 3 K inmate stationary. He starts with Christmas wishes for his mother and her family (aunts, uncles, in-laws). He also confirms receipt of two packages. A note at the bottom of the letter mentions that express and certified letters and packages are no longer allowed.

There is a stamp from the censor at Postzensurstelle K.L. Dachau next to Henri Funk's address and prisoner information. Note that while most English speakers use the abbreviation KZ for Nazi concentration camps, Germans use K.L. for Konzentrationslager.

The original red Adolf Hitler postage stamp has a DACHAU 3 cancelation dated 14 December 1944. Very good used condition and 100% original to the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.

Have a look at an original envelope used by an inmate at Buchenwald
concentration camp
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This original December 1944 Dachau Concentration Camp inmate
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