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This First Edition 1940 Adolf Hitler / Greater Germany photo book is offered
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Das Reich Adolf Hitlers - Ein Bildbuch vom Werden Grossdeutschlands
1936 portrait of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler by Horn-Stalpfer
Hitler and Mussolini
Adolf Hitler named his version of Germany Großdeutschland at least in part in emulation of the name Great Britain, and because he envisaged a much larger country than the one he had become Chancellor of in 1933. The simple name "Germany" simply was not sufficient.
Hitler's New German Reichschancellery in Berlin
The splendid Heinrich Hoffmann-type photo book we offer here, Das Reich Adolf Hitlers was the Christmas Book of the Hitler Jugend (HJ or Hitler Youth) in 1940, published at the request of Reichsleiter and Leader of the Hitler Youth Baldur von Schirach by the Central Publishing House of the NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachfolger in München (Munich), Germany and this example is a FIRST EDITION.
1940 War in the West
Following an unusual full-page, full-color 1936 portrait of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler by Horn-Stalpfer, the book presents an outstanding photographic recap of each year of Nazi Party administration in Germany from 1933 through 1940.
Nazi U-Boot
The photographs of the early years of National Socialist power show parades, uniforms, personalities and huge Nazi eagles and swastikas popping up throughout the country. Progress on the construction of the Reichsautobahn, Honor Temples in Munich, housing developments, Ordensburgen, and other major projects is heavily emphasized in big full- and half page photos. So is the 1936 Olympics, the German Pavilion at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris, the new House of German Art, Reichs Party Day, the visit of Mussolini, Anschluß with Austria and the Westwall defenses.
Hitler's freeways
There are photos of the New Reichschancellery in Berlin in 1939 as well as Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday parade, but then the photo content changes largely to military in character:
aircraft and bomb factories, U-Boot or submarine crews, tanks, airplanes, marching troops, Fallschirmjäger or paratroopers, the surrender of France after only a few days of resistance, etc., etc.
Nazi parade for Hitler's 50th birthday
Das Reich Adolf Hitlers - Ein Bildbuch vom Werden Grossdeutschlands is one of the best Third Reich photo books, done in the style of famous Heinrich Hoffmann photo books. This 1940 FIRST EDITION example is in nice used condition, complete with the frequently missing color portrait of Adolf Hitler.  The dust jacket is a professsional laser photo copy of an original in our archive.



(Adolf Hitler’s Reich -
A Photo Book of the
Development of
Greater Germany)

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