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The original Third Reich example of Sieg der Waffen - Sieg des Kindes is
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RFSS Himmler introduction
Reichsfuehrer-SS - SS-Hauptamt-Schulungsamt
Sieg der Waffen - Sieg des Kindes
This extremely rare SS Headquarters publication is the written outline for the Hitler/Himmler concept of repopulating Germany with the racially select children of SS and Police men of proven aryan lineage, while preventing racially undesirable people from bearing children. This Nazi booklet presents the central principles of SS reproductive theory and law unlike anything else ever printed. These booklets were specifically sought out for destruction by the Allied de-Nazification task forces. Few survived.
pure-blooded Nazi German family
Aryan Germans
Aryan Germans
Aryan German girls
SS man, wife and child
Nazi Concentration Camp inmates
1935 Nuremberg Racial Laws
Aryans vs Untermensch
pure blooded German women
Decorated SS man
The 9-1/4 x 12-1/4 inch, 36 page, very, very heavily illustrated softcover booklet Sieg der Waffen - Sieg des Kindes (Victory of Weapons - Victory of the Child) was published early in 1941 for the Reichsführer-SS, SS Main Office, Education Office in Berlin by the SS publishing house, Nordland Verlag of Berlin. The booklet was distributed to all personnel of the SS and Police and each man was required to sign for his personal copy.
In the foreword, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler sets the tone for the booklet by explaining to the men of the SS and Police that there were but two weapons available to the German Nation in its battle for existence - the country’s military might and the natural fertility of its people. Himmler then instructed the men of the SS and Police to read his booklet, understand it, and act accordingly.
SS reading this booklet
A portrait of Germany’s 23rd Chancellor Adolf Hitler follows the introduction above his famous 1940 quotation about the need to increase the German birth rate:

“The victorious end of the war will present tasks for the German State that can only be finished when there is an increase in population numbers. It is therefore necessary that through an increase in births, gaps will be filled which were created by the war.”

The text and photos of the booklet present compelling reasons why each German SS man and Nazi policeman had to understand that the maintenance and increase of good hereditary blood could only be achieved through careful selection and through the union of bearers of Nordic blood.
It explained that the SS-man voluntarily obligated himself upon entering the SS to choose his spouse and the mother of his children through consideration of things such as possessions, dowry, position, giving something back to those of the same race, and racial health.

He therefore had to be fully aware of the importance of his marriage to the future of his nation at the time he selected a mate.
The booklet goes on to explain that the Genetic Laws, Nuremberg Laws and SS “Fit-to-Marry” Laws were enacted to prevent undesirables, those with hereditary illnesses, cripples, the insane, asocial elements and incurably ill people, from multiplying without limit, and thus becoming the majority. The pollution of society was to be halted in that way. Charts depict the descendants of two different couples over a period of 60 years, and how by the year 2000 there would be relatively few workers supporting many retired people unless the birthrate was vastly increased.
A portion of the text on pages 26 and 27 asks SS and Police men, “When looking at these beautiful and healthy German men and women(as contrasted with Slavs and Jews), don’t you feel that the beauty of these racially pure and hereditarily healthy bodies is a blessed sanctuary?” It goes on to admonish the SS and Police men, “Therefore, choose wisely and contribute to this stream of good, powerful Germanic-German blood, and do everything in your power to assure that it will continue into the future. It depends on you; on every one of you!”
Himmler sums up his instructions to SS and Police men thusly, “We conclude by recognizing the value of blood. That is why we teach the Law of The Marriage Command to our SS-men. We educate them about the choice of a correct, suitable woman. They know that all our battles, the two million German deaths during World War I, the political battle of the last fifteen years and the building up of our armed forces to protect our borders, was all in vain and useless unless the victory of the German spirit, the victory of the child would follow.

The most important thing for a man is his nation. SS-men prove the importance of the nation through their deeds. Show that you are are willing to defend the nation with your life, but also by being father of many children in order to make the country stronger. The best proof that a German man and woman can show of their conviction, the depth of their National Socialist spirit, and their gratitude to our Führer who awoke in us a national awareness, is to become happy parents of a large and healthy brood of children!”

This is a very rare original piece of the most confrontational SS racial / population material ever put in print - it is NOT a modern reprint! It is in good used condition.   Cover shows wear, internal pages are in better condition.

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