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Aryan Germans
Aryans and Undesirables
This is a book of enormous contrasts, and genetic and political theory that couldn't be less politically correct in the 21st century. It is the third volume (and the only volume which deals with racial purity and genetics - the others deal with health questions) of a set of Third Reich instruction books called Das Leben (Life).
The 6-1/2 x 9 inch, 148 page very heavily illustrated book was the work of Erich Thieme and published in 1943 by B.S. Teubner of Leipzig and Berlin.

Das Leben pulls no punches with chapters having titles like Ancestry, People and Race, Population in Danger, etc.
Aryan German girls
The text and illustrations take the reader back to the earliest days of the races and attempt to explain how the racial characters of black rabbits and white rabbits are passed on to succeeding generations. It explains how sheep are selectively bred to produce wool and explains a good deal about some twins are alike and some twins are not.
why Jews were excluded from being German
selective breeding
It examines some of the earliest skeletal remains on the planet and focusses on how those remains explain the distribution of populations on earth in the mid 20th century.
Protection of German
This book also pauses to dwell on the Judenfrage or the Jewish Question, where Jews came from and what can be expected of them, eastern or oriental Jews and other Jews. Das Leben explains the 1935 Law for the Protection of German Blood and why Jews were excluded from being German.
excluding those from the breeding process who don’t posses the desirable characteristics
selectively breeding people with the best genetic characteristics
beautiful strong bodies and minds
healthy Aryans
Another chapter explains that the smartest children in families are not necessarily those born first but those born as the second, third or even 11th child, as Franz Schubert was. Other chapters make sure that the reader understands that beautiful strong bodies and minds are not anywhere near as much an accident as they are the intentional result of selectively breeding people with the best genetic characteristics and by excluding those from the breeding process who don't posses the desirable characteristics.
There are also sections that deal with the internal organs and workings of the human body.
This is a book for those with a specific interest in the Nazi concept of racial purity and selectivity. it covers the subject concisely better than any book we know. Good used condition, with a tight binding, no odor.  Cover shows significant wear, content does not.

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Nazi runic symbol
This politically-incorrect Nazi book on genetic and political theory is
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