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TWO original BdM folklore dance and song books from 1936 and 1939,
both illustrated and fully indexed.
Sparkmarkenheft fuer die HJ
Original Hitlerjugend savings account material: a Deutsche Reichspost HJ savings account book marker and a HJ savings account record book from a small, rural savings bank.
"Homes of the Hitler Youth", a heavily illustrated overview of the
design, construction and uses of HJ homes.
Braunes Haus
HJ Identity documents
The 100% original Hitler Youth Dienstbuch or Service Record Book from a Hitlerjunge in Berlin as well as a HJ Sporttagebuch for recording performance in HJ athletic events.
HJ movie poster
A 100% original Hitler Youth film poster for the 1940 propaganda film
Der Marsch zum Führer (The March to the Leader).
KdF Wagen, VW
Das Autobuch für den Pimpfen, a rare heavily illustrated 1943 automotive book for
Hitler Youth boys with over 150 illustrations and a big colorful fold-out chart.
LW Generalmajor Mooyer
"The Youngest Members of the Luftwaffe", a fine 1939 Hitler Youth photo book
about the technical education of future members of the Luftwaffe.
DJH Raenzlein Ein Jahrbuechlein fuer die deutsche Jugend 1942
Heavily illustrated 1942 Knapsack Yearbook for German Boys and Girls
published by the DJH, the Nazi Youth Hostel Association.
The Hitler Youth - From Idea to Results: HJ Organization, its Goals, etc. - heavily illustrated hardcover by Reichsjugendführer Von Schirach.
HJ Heim
A very rare set of superbly illustrated books explaining the long term
German concept of properly built Hitler Youth facilities - 500+ pages.
HJ Fahne
TEN bound issues of the original heavily illustrated Third Reich children's publication Deutsche Kinderwelt, a bi-weekly magazine for young children in Nazi Germany.
DJH 1939
The heavily illustrated, very detailed 400+ page 1939 Reichs-Herbergsverzeichnis
or Nazi Youth Hostel Directory for the Greater German Reich.
Reichsminister Dr. Wilhelm Frick
Rare UNUSED example of Der Merker Schülerkalender des VDA 1936, a pocket
size, heavily illustrated almanac type Nazi school calendar for VDA members.
Der Merker 1940, the youth yearbook of the Volksbund für das Deutschtum im Ausland (VDA or National Association for Germanness Abroad).
Rare HJ Administration Service Regulations, BdM Leadership publications
and Die Mädelschaft on the youth of Adolf Hitler - 5 illustrated publications.
Aryan girls
An illustrated Nazi guidebook for BdM girls embarking on their year of
obligatory HJ service (as directed by Hermann Göring in 1938).
LW recruiting brochure for HJ
A rare early 1940s Hitlerjugend / Luftwaffe promotional recruiting
publication called The Road to Victory" - superb photos.
Du und Dein Volk (You and Your Nation), National Socialist ideology book
handed out
to high school graduates upon graduation.
BdM book
A rare 1939 BdM publication called Die Mädelschaft with lots of
information and photos of Hitler's freeway system in Nazi Germany.
Miscellaneous original illustrated Third Reich Hitler Youth hand books and song books.
baldur von Schirach
Original 1940 edition of the Jahrbuch der HJ or Yearbook of the Hitler Youth,
with calendar, organizational charts and great advertising
Miscellaneous issues of the rare heavily illustrated, monthly
Hitler-Jugend magazine Unsere Fahne (Our Flag)
HJ kids
Illustrated 1st Edition Hitler Youth book from 1943
for the children of Wehrmacht soldiers.
Condor Legion
The 1940 edition of Jungen Eure Welt,
the heavily illustrated year book of the German Youth.
HJ book
The 1939 and 1942 edition of Jungen Eure Welt,
the illustrated year book of the German Youth.
A selection of Third Reich plans for model rockets, airplane
and Kriegsmarine ships.
A variety of Hitler Youth magazines:
Unsere Fahne • Das Junge Reich • Das Junge Deutschland