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This original 1942 HJ directive about obligatory wartime labor is
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Luftwaffe toys made by the HJ during WW2
Die Werkarbeit im Kriegseinsatz der Hitler-Jugend
Wehrmacht toys
Wehrmacht soldier toys
This is a rare example of the 6 x 8 inch, 180 page manual labor directive for war-time activities of the Hitler Youth, the DJ, HJ, JM, MB, BdM Glaube und Schönheit as published by the Reichsjugendführung der NSDAP in Berlin on 1 September 1942.
manufacture for frontline Wehrmacht soldiers
The introduction clearly outlines the framework of the Kriegseinsatz and who is obligated to do what during war-time. ALL young people in Nazi Germany were required to pitch in, boys and girls, whether living at home or in HJ homes. There is a chart outlining how many times per month a member of the Hitler Youth had to show up for their obligatory labor duties.
Die Werkarbeit im Kriegseinsatz der Hitler-Jugend clearly marks a genuine departure from the directives issues to the Hitler-Jugend previously in that it laid out a plan of action whereby the Hitler Youth would be involved in replacing the manufacture of toys and Christmas gifts and crafts that had previously been manufactured by commercial enterprises that were now involved in war production. The directive brought together the planning departments of the Hitler Youth, the Reichs Education Ministry, the DAF, the Winterhilfswerk (WHW), etc.
Third Reich doll house
To emphasize the seriousness of participating in war production, page 17 has a warning about stealing articles manufactured for the Kriegseinsatz. It states specifically that any act that "hurts the Nation" is punishable with a prison sentence or death sentence.
HJ instruction books
Nazi toys
It covers the use and conservation of a wide variety of material resources such as iron, steel, tin-plate, wood, paper, etc. The book gives very precise drawings and instructions for the manufacture of wooden and cardboard toys and games from the selection of wood and tools, to cutting, painting and glueing. There are mechanical toys, whistles, soldiers, animals, weapons, tanks, airplanes, Flak Artillery, scooters, pecking chickens, dollhouses with rooms and furniture, dolls, doll clothing, candle holders, album covers, etc.

There is a section on knitting which includes articles for soldiers at the front like soldier stockings, head protectors, soldier gloves, knee warmers, fur vests, straw shoes for field hospitals, etc., etc.

This book, Die Werkarbeit im Kriegseinsatz der Hitler-Jugend, provides a unique look at the inside of the obligations of youth in Nazi Germany during wartime. Very good used condition.

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