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This 1940 Nazi Hitler Youth Year Book is offered for sale
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Reichschancellery Berlin
Jungen Eure Welt 1940
Legion Condor
Nazi Blood Flag + Grimminger
Der KdF Wagen
der Ewige Jude
Jewish Ghetto
Hitler & Nazi Swastika Flags
A HJ boy experiences America
American History
the HJ Battle against alcohol and smoking
Hitler architecture
This is a very good linen bound example of the 484 page, 6-3/4 x 9-3/4 inch, very heavily illustrated 3rd annual hardcover edition of Jungen Eure Welt - Das Jahrbuch der Hitler Jugend (Young People - It Is Your World! The Yearbook of the Hitler Youth) as published by the Central Publishing House of the Nazi Party, Franz Eher Nachfolger GmbH in München (Munich), Germany in 1940.
A heavy book, absolutely stuffed with hundreds of black & white and full-color photos and illustrations, this is the Nazi Party's Jungenjahrbuch of events and issues that bore on the lives of members of the party's Hitler Youth paramilitary organization.
There are articles about the tasks and duties of members of the HJ (service, health, sport, culture and more), Jakob Grimminger (Nazi Blood Flag), famous Germans (Otto Lilienthal, Graf Zeppelin, Karl Benz, Wilhelm Roentgen and of course, Adolf Hitler - "Germany's Greatest Son"), architecture in the Reich of Adolf Hitler, Fascist Spain and the Condor Legion, Leadership of the State, the story of a HJ boy during his travels in the USA (by Ralph Ross), the Incas, Frederick the Great, Wehrmacht communication troops, the mighty Luftwaffe, sport and athletes in Germany, 1940 Helsinki Olympics - will 1936 Olympic records be broken?, the Indian massacre at the Little Bighorn, animals in Africa, Canada and South America, Wind Power, the Use of X-Rays, the Berlin Subway, Ocean Travel, A Ghetto - the Jewish Center of Power, etc., etc.
Dedication on front flyleaf, in very good, little used condition.



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