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These four 1941 Hochland HJ magazines are **SOLD**.
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SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz Vogt
During World War II in Germany, the 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inch illustrated magazine Ruf der Heimat (Call of the Home Land) was published monthly or bimonthly by the Kriegsbetreuungsdienst Gebiet Hochland as a Feldpost Brief (Field Post Communication) of the Hochland Hitler Youth. It was sent to Hochland alumni in service with Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units in all theaters.

Not only did the magazines update former Hochland HJ members about the goings-on at home, but it also reported on the military medals won by former members in combat. It contained inspirational quotations, beautiful pictures, sports reports and honor tablets for the fallen from Hitlerjugend Gebiet Hochland. Pictures of former Hitler Youth members in Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS uniforms are found there as are pictures of new brides of former Hochland HJ members.
HJ brides
HJ kameraden
The issues of Ruf der Heimat offered here are number 24 of May 1941 (48 pages), number 25 of June 1941 (64 pages), number 27/28 of August/September 1941 (64 pages) and number 29/30 of October/November 1941 (64 pages).
Two fliers included with the magazines are shown in our photos. One advertises the Hochlandtreffen at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in 25 May 1941 and the other is a request to hear from unmarried Hochland HJ Leaders currently serving in the Wehrmacht.
Because these Feldpost Briefe were sent to Hochland men in combat zones, many were read and discarded there, and few survive. They are thus very difficult to find.

The four issues we offer here are complete and in very good condition except for some staining on the covers.
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