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Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement
Sterneckerbrau Tal 54 Munich
Das Sternecker-Museum der N.S.D.A.P.
Hans Brückner, a German author and early Nazi Party member
Freunde des neuen Deutschlands, Ortsgruppe Brooklyn
This rare 9-¼ x 12-3/8 inch, 16-page Nazi publication also contains advertising by Munich hotels, restaurants, grocery and jewelry stores, as well as other Munich breweries and the famous manufacturer Loden-Frey.
Complete and in very nice, little used condition. Only 10,000 copies were printed in early 1935 and many of them were used to start the stove before 1950! This may be the only example in existence. We have NEVER seen another example of this rare and historical Nazi publication on the place where the NSDAP was founded.
This is a very rare heavily illustrated early 1935 of Der Sternecker, an original Munich brewery publication by Brückner-Verlag of München. This Sonderauflage or special edition was put together by Hans Brückner, a German author and early Nazi Party member, and focusses on the old Munich brewery, the Sterneckerbräu, the original meeting place and office of the Nazi Party on Tal 54 in south-central München.
The text and photos in this Nazi publication cover the history of the building and the Sternecker beer brewery (already in business in the mid-1500s!) as well as the history of the early days of the Nazi Party and the founding of the SA at the Sternecker beer hall.
There is chapter about the first "Battle Year" of the Nazi Movement, a poem about the "Sternecker Spirit", photos of a Nazi anniversary celebration at the the Sterneckerbräu on 8 November 1933, and Vom Sternecker zur Reichskanzlei or 'From the Sternecker to the Reichschancellery' is the caption of a photo collage showing enthusiastic followers of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement.
The back page has very interesting coverage of a July 1934 visit by 85 German-Americans, members of the Freunde des neuen Deutschlands, the Nazi Party's Ortsgruppe in Brooklyn New York. After arrival, the group had received an official guided tour through the Nazi Party Braunes Haus followed by a gathering at the Sterneckerbräu, so the American National Socialists could see the historic site. As the Party became a force to be reckoned with and moved on to bigger quarters, a permanent museum was set up in the Sterneckerbräu, which the American visitors toured as well.

Have a look at the obscure guidebook to the Sterneckerbräu NSDAP museum and Dates and History of the Nazi Party, also for sale on

This rare 1935 Munich brewery publication Der Sternecker is
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