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"Dates and History of the Nazi Party" is **SOLD**.
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Dates and History of the Nazi Party
Daten and Geschichte der NSDAP
Very detailed Index of
Daten und Geschichte der NSDAP (Dates and History of the Nazi Party) is a 4-3/4 x 7 inch, 72 page soft cover book by SA-Sturmführer Dr. Hans Volz as published by A.G. Ploetz Verlag of Berlin and Leipzig. The cover shows the Feldherrnhalle in Munich and Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, decorated with a huge Nazi banner and with Nazi troops marching through it.
Hitler's Nazi Party
Hitler bio
Nazi Revolution and Formation of Greater Germany
Daten and Geschichte der NSDAP starts out with the story of Adolf Hitler's youth, his parents Alois and Klara, his early years in Vienna and Munich and his service in the army during World War I. This is followed with chapters on Hitler's start in politics, the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in 1919, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei from 1923 until the failed Putsch in November 1923, Hitler's subsequent trial and time in Landsberg prison. This is followed by the renewal of the NSDAP in 1925, the rise of the Party in local and national elections (Nazi Revolution) all the way through Hitler becoming Reichschancellor in January 1933, and the start of Greater Germany.

There are also sections on the history of the SA, SS and NSKK from 1921 onward as well as the history and important dates of the Hitlerjugend (HJ or Hitler Youth) from 1926 onward. There are charts of Nazi paramilitary organizations and their ranks, as well as political groups with their leaders.

This 1937 Nazi book contains very important and historic information, and is complete and in very good condition.



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